The 2018 Tough Mudder Season Is Epic

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2018 is seriously Epic. You should join in.

The 2018 season is well and truly underway. May contains 6 event formats over 7 event weekends and 50,000 Mudders across the UK and Germany. The action has been EPIC, filled with crazy new obstacles, some of your favourite extreme obstacles from the past and more mud than ever.

It's never too late to join us and secure your spot on the start line.

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Get out of your comfort zone. This is your year to grab your spot at a Tough Mudder Full, Tough Mudder Half or Tough Mudder 5K event.


What the Hell Are you Waiting for?

  • May Mayhem

    Seriously. May has been Epic. 50,000 Mudders, crazy obstacles and extreme events. And you, Mudder Nation, have been on point.

    Show Me Some Action
  • The Vault Obstacles Have Been Crazy

    That's right Mudders, Cage Crawl, Boa Constrictor and King of the Mountain have been brought back from the collection of insane obstacles in the Tough Mudder Vault.

    What the [email protected] is Cage Crawl?
  • Kong Infinity is Serioulsy Tough

    Our brand new Legionnaire exclusive obstacle, Kong Infinity, has been testing even the hardest Mudders with it's mix of strength, skill and technique. You will need to train.

    Build Your Arm Strength
  • How To Conquer Electroshock Therapy

    Electroshock Therapy will be waiting for you on the Tough Mudder Full course, complete with its 10,000 volts of electricity. You better learn the top tips or you will be getting a zap.

    Seriously. Read This.
  • Europe's Toughest Mudder Midlands - Recap

    Europe's Toughest Mudder Midlands saw 1,000 athletes run through the night for 8-hours. It also happened to be one of the most dramatic races in the history of the event. Could you cope?

    Step The F*CK Up
  • Free Couch To 5K Training Guide

    Are you stuck at the bottom of the fitness barrell? Don't sweat it, thanks to Lucozade Sport we have a guide to get you off the couch and across the finish line at one of our new 5K events. Downlad it for FREE.

    Get Off Your Arse

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All Tough Mudder courses involve teamwork, getting outside your comfort zone and a dash of personal accomplishment. With a wide range of distances and intensities, we have a course for you - no matter what stage you’re at in your Mudder Journey. Take a look. Your next Mudder awaits.