The Revolution Continues...

I'm Ready

What's New In 2020

We changed the game in 2019, bringing obstacles and more new features to courses than ever before. But we're not stopping there. Tough Mudder Revolution was not a one and done. It's something you will see on every course, every year and 2020 is no different.

Buckle up. You're not going to want to miss this.


    It's not just the elves in the North Pole that are hard at work this time of year. The mad scientists from the Obstacle Innovation Lab have been scheming away to come up with a new set of crazy obstacles to test you next year. Keep January marked in your calendar as this is when we'll reveal these new gifts to the world.


    New stuff and obstacle tinkering is not only reserved for January this year. Keep your eyes peeled anytime you step on a Tough Mudder course as we will be continuing to roll out our Alpha Test obstacle ideas as we focus on bringing different experiences to you all year long.


    Level Up Lanes are making a return in a big way for the 2020 season...10 big ways to be exact. We'll be bringing brand new challenges and varying difficulties to each and every course.

    Stay tuned for when we release all the 2020 Level Up Lanes in January.


    In 2020, to celebrate 10 years of Tough Mudder, we'll be hosting our birthday party at Tough Mudder Midlands on 13 & 14 June. And when we celebrate, we do it right.

    Stay tuned for more festivities including, a legendary signature obstacle on course, limited edition headband, and a Mudder Village celebration like no other.