The Toughest Ambassadors on the Planet

Tough Mudder UK Brand Ambassadors bleed orange on and off the course. They know that Tough Mudder isn't a race, it’s a challenge and that every day they are part of a community united by mud.

Our 2017 UK Ambassador Program has two layers to best fit your Mudder lifestyle and is being supported by Lucozade Sport, who will be there to help you make the most of the mud. Take a look below and find the best fit for you.

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Want to become a tough mudder brand ambassador

Ready to take your mud career to the next level? Good. We are looking for 30 of our muddiest and most loyal Legionnaires to help us spread their love of mud in 2017. This program will require you to keep your head in the Tough Mudder world every day of the year, but it will come with some awesome payoffs. Check out the specifics below to get the low-down on what will be one of our most epic years yet.

Basic must:

  • Must have completed at least 5 Tough Mudder events prior to 2017
  • Must submit Tough Mudder Brand Ambassador application and video clip to Tough Mudder by 28 April 2017.
    • Video clip must introduce yourself, tell us your favourite Tough Mudder memory, and what you as a Brand Ambassador will look like in 2017
    • Video clips can be attached and uploaded to your application or emailed to [email protected] Subject line should say, “BRAND AMBASSADOR: Your Name
  • Must be ready to rock and rep all things Tough Mudder this year and have a great attitude

What 2017 will look like for you:

You will be responsible for championing the Tough Mudder brand, ethos and values both in your local community and at as many Tough Mudder Event Weekends as possible.
With the help of our new 2017 partner Lucozade Sport you will be focusing on getting a whole new set of Mudders moving in ways such as;

  • Showing your support for Tough Mudder in your community can be simple and small scale, we just want to see you spreading that Mudder Love. Small scale events like trail runs or happy hours are great examples and we’ve got some partners ready to help make sure your activities are mega sweet, so if you are selected for this program, you’ll have plenty of support.
  • At Event Weekends we want to see you being the leaders of the Mudder community that you are. Whether it is through bringing a team of new recruits and showing them the ropes, keeping the campsite grooving to helping out the Volunteers. The more you are there leading the way, the better.
  • You will recruit 30 NEW Mudders to join the family--15 new full event runners and 15 new half event runners. We’ll hook it up and send you a discount code for any new friends and family you welcome into the Tough Mudder tribe. We’re dreaming big this year, and want to get more muddy faces out on course.
  • You will need to post and share Tough Mudder content on your social channels at least once a week using monthly Tough Mudder campaign hashtags and of course, your Tough Mudder Brand Ambassador hashtag

What you get:

  • Tough Mudder Brand Ambassador gear package, complete with Tough Mudder Brand Ambassador Merrell gear
  • Your photo and bio on the Tough Mudder Ambassador webpage, appearances on Tough Mudder’s social media channels and an exclusive Tough Mudder Brand Ambassador e-newsletter that provides you with breaking updates and one of a kind opportunities
  • Discount code for your 30 new teammates
  • The Opportunity to meet and connect with like-minded people
  • 2018 Season Pass for those that smash it in 2017 and recruit 30 New Mudders.


All applications and video submissions are due 28 April, 2017. Applications without a video submission will not be considered. Email [email protected] with questions. 2017 Ambassadors will be announced 5 May, 2017.

Want to join the mudder street team?

Want to keep your Tough Mudder spirit alive all year round, but strapped for time? No sweat, we’re looking for a team of awesome Legionnaires to join our Mudder Street Team. The Mudder Street Team is designed to help keep the mud fresh in your life all year round, but on your schedule. What you need to know is listed below, but beware, we are looking for hardcore Mudders that want to grow our tribe and challenge the folks around them to be their best, fair-weather Street Teamers will get the boot.

Basic musts:

  • Must have completed at least 1 Tough Mudder or Tough Mudder Half event prior to 2017
  • Must submit Mudder Street Team application to Tough Mudder by 28 April, 2017
  • Must be ready to rock and rep all things Tough Mudder next year and have a great attitude

What 2017 will look like for you:

  • You will need to post on your social channels at least once a week, using monthly Tough Mudder campaign hashtags and of course, your Mudder Street Team hashtag

What you get:

  • Insider info around Tough Mudder social media campaigns
  • Mudder Street Team content package with cool social backgrounds and flyers to use
  • Entry to win 4 tickets to any 2018 Tough Mudder Event you’ve been keen to run
  • Top 5 social posters will win Merrell’s latest Tough Mudder All Out Crush shoe


All applications are due 28 April, 2017. Ambassadors will be announced 4 May 2017.


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