How To Be The Perfect Mudder

The Perfect Mudder

Much like anything in life, there’s etiquette. In this blog, we’ll be breaking down what it takes to be the perfect mate to other Mudders. The Mudder everybody wants and needs on the course.

As a basic rule, Mudders help Mudders. Much like in the British Army with soliders, you look out for those around you.

Here are a couple of other tips to follow to be the best Mudder you can be out on the course.

Communication Is Key

If you see somebody in distress or feel like they need some encouragement to push them through, use your voice. Support from a stranger, whether it’s words of encouragement or just some advice, all goes a long way.

Perfect Mudder Communication

Think Before You Act

Don’t worry, our course doesn’t require a master strategy to complete, far from it. But before you jump in or sprint through somewhere, just take a second to review the obstacle, the situation before you act.

Be mindful of other Mudders in the area and think how your actions may effect them. That could be blocking their way or splashing them on a water obstacle. We don’t want you be a d*ckhead, basically.

It’s Not About Individuals

It’s a team effort to complete the course and you won’t complete it if you’re only thinking of yourself. Tough Mudder is built on the foundation of teamwork and helping others, remember that.

With that, generally look out for other Mudders. Offer a hand if you can. Give someone a lift up if you’re able to.

Your support will play its part in their story of “some nice stranger helped me through that obstacle”.

Transfer These Skills

All of the qualities within a good Mudder are applicable to the British Army and becoming an effective solider.

If you’re interested in a career with the British Army or know somebody that could be, please head to their website.

Perfect Mudder Teamwork

Show Us Your Skills

You’ve completed this Mudder bootcamp and it’s now time to put it into practice. Join us for a remaining 2023 event or even start your training and planning for a 2024 event.

We want to see you at the start line.