Tough Mudder Midlands – The Weekend Highlights

TM Midlands Highlights

Belvoir Castle was the setting for a truly muddy Tough Mudder Midlands this weekend. WIth torrential rain, Mud Mile, Swamp Stomp, Electroshock Therapy and the rest really came into their boggy elements.

To round up the weekend antics, we’ve compiled the top 3 moments.

1. Bea Wood, Debuts Our New Adaptive Athlete Endurance Headbands

Conquering the course as an adaptive athlete previously, this time around, Bea stepped up to tackle Infinity. With a helpful team full of friends and ambassadors, Bea showed us and other Mudders that anything is possible.

If you’re interested in completing the course as an adaptive athlete or supporting somebody else, please get in touch here.

2. Two Centurions, Andrew and Janine

100 Tough Mudders. Yes, you read that right. Andrew Cook and Janine West completed their 100th event at Belvoir Castle and were crowned with muddy glory.

Receiving their spectacular golden headband at the finish. Both were given a heroes welcome (and rightfully so).

We salute you both, Andrew and Janine, and look forward to the next 100!

3. Is It Coming Home?

As the majority of the English population anxiously waited until 5pm on Saturday to watch 90 minutes of painful football, we had thousands of Mudders tackling our course.

More painful than a pulled calf on Everest or frozen parts (you can have a guess which parts we mean) on Arctic Enema. That penalty shoot out was brutal.

We saw the majority of Mudders leave by 4:30pm and we don’t blame you. Have a beer on us! This Mudder catching some Wild West Jerky was how we all felt.

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