Wild Mudder confessions that will leave you speechless

As the mud season draws to a close, it’s time to reflect on the wild adventures and outrageous moments that made this year’s mud runs unforgettable.

We’ve all seen the epic photos of Mudders conquering obstacles, scaling walls and running through Electricity.

But what really happens out there on the course when the cameras aren’t rolling?

We’ve dared mudders to spill the beans on the most insane, outrageous stunts they’ve pulled on the course.

Get ready to be shocked and entertained by their wildest confessions – right here 🤣 

“I couldn’t be bothered stopping for a piss, so it went down my leg running to the next obstacle”

Well if you gotta go… you gotta go  🫣 🤣 

“I misjudged the jump to get over the board on Mudderhorn and face planted into it”

Don’t worry we have all been there…🤨

“I couldn’t touch the floor in Blockness Monster so i did a lot of hanging on… and not much else”

Sometimes, hanging on for dear life is the only way to survive Blockness Monster 🤣 

“Lost a shoe in Blockness Monster, ditched the one I still had and completed the course”

Absolute champ

“I should have trained more”

Damn it 🤣 – There’s always next year?😉

“Completing Midlands this year in a 1m diameter wearable turtle cushion was interesting”

Stylishly strolling your way to victory 🐢

“Doing The Granny Run with an actual zimmer frame – made it all the way round”

This is wicked – Check out what the famous “Granny Run” is all about here.

“Doing the splits at Mud Mile…intentionally”

Well that’s one way to do it 🤣