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An Epic 21 Day Adventure

Tough Mudder Challenges is an off-course fitness adventure designed so that no matter the time of year you can experience the teamwork, fun, courage and personal accomplishment of Tough Mudder. You’ll have 21 days to complete a series of activities guaranteed to push your body and mind. Crush each one with your teammates and earn the right to wear your brand new Tough Mudder Challenges 2020 headband with pride.

Set. Crush. Repeat.
Tough Mudder Challenges has been engineered to recreate that incredible feeling when you crush a goal you weren’t sure you could even complete. From running a distance you never thought possible, owning a crazy workout with the encouragement of a teammate, or nailing a mind-bending riddle – there are challenges for everyone no matter their fitness level.
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Test Yourself
Ready for your first ever Tough Mudder Challenge? With one unique challenge per month, each with a different theme, simply choose when you want to get started. Don’t forget to get your mates involved for some extra accountability and to make those celebrations even sweeter.
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Earn Your Headband
Crushing a goal for no one but yourself is a great feeling but there’s no harm in a little showing off. Book a Challenge with a finisher kit and once you’ve bossed every inch of it you’ll receive your Tough Mudder Challenges headband, 2020 finisher t-shirt, an exclusive limited-edition Tough Mudder 10 Year Anniversary headband, a unique themed pin for each Challenge AND a Tough Mudder commemorative pin. Looking good, Mudder.
Goal Getter
Looking to commit to the challenge? Choose the Tough Mudder Challenges Three Pack and take on three brand new challenges over three months. Each challenge is different with its own unique theme, so don’t plan on them getting any easier (or less exciting).
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Challenge Chaser
If challenging yourself is a way of life, then the Tough Mudder Challenges Six Pack is for you. You’ll take on the next six Tough Mudder Challenges. With a brand new theme and different challenges every month it’s going to be one wild ride.
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Find a Challenge

August – Fiji Challenge

Things are really heating up Mudder Nation. Join us for a brand new Challenge, with an all new unique theme. Book your place now (and bring your mates along for the ride too).

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September – Theme unlocked: 18th August

Ready to find out how tough you really are? Book a spot on September’s Challenge and show everyone (including yourself) what you’re made of.

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October – Theme unlocked: 17th September

Ready for the next Challenge? We’re ready for you and your mates.

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What do I Get?
As well as an epic sense of achievement and the opportunity to take on something completely unique with your friends, you’ll get all of this when you sign up for Tough Mudder Challenges.
Access to the Tough Mudder Challenges platform
Track your progress and work through activities using our brand new Tough Mudder Challenges platform. You’ll be able to sync with your favourite fitness trackers and upload photos, plus keep an eye on how the whole team is doing. Accountability for the win.
A Whole New Community
Take on Tough Mudder Challenges and you’ll be joining people all over the country. You might not meet them on the start line (or the queue for a portaloo) but you can find them in our Tough Mudder Challenges Facebook Group.
Brand New Swag
Choose a Challenge with a finisher kit and once you’ve completed your challenge you’ll be sent a brand new Tough Mudder Challenge headband, a unique, themed pin for each Challenge, a commemorative Tough Mudder pin, a 2020 Finisher t-shirt and an exclusive 10 Year Anniversary headband.
Music Motivation
Each unique Tough Mudder Challenge will be different to the next and you’re definitely going to need a banging playlist. Follow us on Spotify to find the accompanying playlist for your Challenge.