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With only a few weeks until the first event of the season we wanted to give you all the tips, tricks and knowledge you need to prepare yourself and your team for everything you’re going to encounter out on course.

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Tough Mudder's Best Preparation Tips

  • Top 5 Myths About Doing a Tough Mudder

    Still a Tough Mudder newbie? If 2017 marks your first ever event you're probably driving yourself mad worrying about whether or not you can do it. Check out our list of myths and banish the misconceptions.

  • Do Not Bring These 3 Things to Tough Mudder

    On an obstacle course that features electric shocks, ice baths and tons of mud you could be mistaken for thinking that anything goes. Not these big three.

  • Don't Leave Home Without These 10 Things on Event Day

    With the 2017 season getting ever closer you'll need to start thinking about event day necessities. Water, snacks, a gang of surprisingly vocal supporters - some things you just can't do without.

  • Top 5 Tips For Surviving Arctic Enema - The Rebirth

    The evil geniuses at Tough Mudder Headquarters have been busy in 2017 upping the ante and upgrading some Mudder obstacle favourites. We can't promise these Arctic Enema - The Rebirth tips will make shooting out of a pipe into a dumpster of ice and freezing cold water any easier - but it's worth a shot right?

  • Top 5 Tips For Surviving Electroshock Therapy

    Running through a muddy, uneven enclosure full of wires that threaten to shock you with 10,000 volts - yes you signed up for this. No, these tips on how to survive Electroshock Therapy won't dull the pain but they might help you avoid it for just a little longer.

  • Top 5 Tips For Making It Across Funky Monkey - The Revolution

    Another Mudder favourite that's been upgraded for 2017 (read: made harder). We've very kindly replaced half of the monkey bars with moving wheels that get increasingly complicated. Use these 5 tips on making it across Funky Monkey - The Revolution to stay up in the trees and out of the mud.


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