A muddy obstacle course adventure for kids

Are your Lidl 'uns ready for a REAL adventure?

In 2020, Tough Mudder and Lidl are partnering together to bring you "Lidl Mudder", an even more epic version of the famous Mini Mudder kids obstacle course.

Designed for fun and based on teamwork and adventure, Lidl Mudder is a 1-mile course consisting of 4 laps jam packed full of obstacles to give kids the chance to work as a team and get a little muddy. Lidl Mudders will be swinging from monkey rings, dodging through a 'laser' maze and even tackling their own mini version of Tough Mudder's famous Everest obstacle at events up and down the UK.

Of course, just like our all our conquering Mudders, Lidl Mudders will be rewarded for completing the course with an iconic finisher headband.

Locations and dates for the remainder of 2020 are listed below and booking is now open. So what are you waiting for? Let's get a Lidl muddy.

Key Information

Lidl Mudders must be between the ages of 5-12 and at least 1.1 metres tall to participate. Lidl Mudders must be accompanied by an adult or guardian with a valid spectator ticket, purchased online for £10. There is also a fee for parking on the day of the event.

For more information please make sure you visit the Lidl Mudder FAQs.

Lidl is aiming to raise £3M over 3 years for the NSPCC's Speak out. Stay safe. school programme, helping to empower a generation of children with the knowledge they need to stay safe from abuse and neglect. To find out more and enable your Lidl Mudders to fundraise and support the service please Click here.

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As a Lidl Mudder, you:

  • Like getting muddy.
  • Are tough and strong.
  • Always work together.
  • Always have fun.
  • Are up for adventure.
  • Can do anything.

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Check out our Lidl Mudder FAQs for all the answers.

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Raise Money

Lidl supports NSPCC's Speak out. Stay safe school programme. You can help support the charity's vital work.

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