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Being a Mudder℠ is all about taking on the obstacles in your life and the enormous sense of accomplishment that you feel when you overcome them.

As we're sure you've seen by now Tough Mudder UK has been celebrating its fifth birthday. May has been an incredible month filled to the brim with events, brand new formats and record-breaking Mudder numbers - in short it's been the perfect way to mark five years of mud.

But this month also marks another special anniversary, because the only thing better than getting really muddy, is getting really muddy for charity.


Here at Tough Mudder we talk a lot about teamwork, determination and personal achievment - in fact you can't shut us up about it. But every now and then we see something at one of our events that encompasses everything that we admire and work towards as a brand.

On Saturday at our Tough Mudder Half Midlands event TMHQ captured a very special video.


Every Mudder has their warm-up ritual. For some it's a few deep breaths as they prepare for the challenge ahead, for others it's a quick high-five, or even a blood-pumping battle cry. In fact there are a million ways to start a Tough Mudder but there is surely only one way to finish, and that's with a refreshing beverage and an epic photo.

Luckily for you our official finisher cider Kingstone Press has launched Kingstone Press Finisher of the Day.


So you’ve got a phobia or two. Congratulations, you’re human. 

Even though fears can be paralyzing, conquering them is within your power. Every Tough Mudder event, we see thousands of people accomplish things that mere hours ago they thought were impossible.

Having talked with countless Mudders who have overcome their fear of heights, enclosed spaces, failure and more, we’ve learned a thing or two about flipping fear the finger, and it’s about time we shared our findings. 

Here are four steps to overcoming your deepest fears.


Before reading on, take a few seconds to think of your greatest fear. Feel the vulnerability. Experience the mental, or even physical, tension within. Done? Now congratulate yourself—you're completely normal. 

Here at TMHQ, we think fear gets a bad rap. This year, instead of being paralyzed by your fears, let them motivate you. So as you begin your journey standing up to the great bully that is that four-lettered F word, here are some helpful hints to keep in mind:


Step 1. Team Size

Once you’ve recruited one mate, you’ve got a team. And there’s no cap on how many people you can have it your team. But don’t fret if you only have a few or even on your own – you’ll find an army of teammates on course at any TM event.  There is no perfect team size. So, consider it a challenge! The bigger, the better.

Step 2. Team Name

Get creative... Every year we see “Tough Mothers” and “Brothers in Mud” but we know you can do better than that.

Take inspiration from some of our all-time faves:


Prior to a Tough Mudder, Mudders are faced with a plethora of mind-boggling gear dilemmas. Glasses or contacts? T-shirt and shorts or compression gear? The Pippi Longstocking leggings or the ass-less chaps? 

Everyone’s preferences are different, and we respect that. However, there are three things in particular that you better not so much as dream about bringing to our course on event day, and it’s about time we remind you of them.

What is WTM?

World’s Toughest Mudder (WTM) is a 24-hour around-the-clock version of Tough Mudder. Whereas regular Tough Mudder is “Probably the Toughest Event on the Planet,” WTM (or “World’s Toughest” as it’s colloquially called) lays legitimate claim to actually being THE toughest event on the planet. WTM this year will be held November 15-16 at Lake Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. (Yes, we said “Vegas.”)


Nothing beats the feeling you get crossing the finish line for a cause you care about. You’re bettering the lives of others, and in the process, pushing yourself to levels of mental strength you never knew possible. Running for charity can bring some sweet personal benefits, and it’s about time you knew about them.

Ready to knock 2017 out of the park? Here are 5 reasons to run for charity.

Get Fit


Put the YOU in Volunteers

The 2017 season kicks off next month in the US when we head to New Orleans & Los Angeles. For the Mudders in the UK the season starts in April at London Wes  and we want YOU. With Tough Mudder taking over the globe there are plenty of opportunities to find the perfect volunteer role.

What do you get? Along with the awesome feeling of volunteering, you’ll also receive a discount to run a Tough Mudder or Tough Mudder Half of up to 90% off. So you have no reason not make your trip into a whole weekend of muddy fun.

New Venues. New Event Formats. New Obstacles. Check out why 2017 is going to blow your mind.
Challenge Sophie is constantly on the lookout for new ways to push herself and test the limits of inner strength, resolve and motivation. So we decided to task her with the challenge of taking on Worlds's Toughest Mudder last month in Las Vegas.
Elite endurance athletes don’t just succeed, but thrive in their training and there’s several reasons why.

Deanna Blegg is no stranger to the World’s Toughest Mudder. At the second WTM in 2012, Deanna placed second female (third overall). The following year, at WTM 2013, she placed first, boasting 85 miles, or 17 laps of the 5-mile loop course. Then again in 2015 she was on the podium with another third place win to her name. Those who have met Deanna recognize her for her bright smile, determination, and kindness, and while many are aware of her accomplishments on course, few know her story off the course and out of the mud.

2015 World’s Toughest Mudder Winner Ryan Atkins Looks to Defend his Title in Lake Las Vegas, NV on November 12.