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Being a Mudderâ„  is all about taking on the obstacles in your life and the enormous sense of accomplishment that you feel when you overcome them.

There you were, a day like any other, endlessly scrolling through Facebook when suddenly...what's that? Tough Mudder have launched ANOTHER new format, Tough Mudder 5K. Questions filled your mind, what would it be like? Will there be mud? What awesome obstacles could they build in the city? You had to sit down for a few minutes and have a cup of tea.

Well now you can calm your racing mind because we've penned the top five most important facts about Tough Mudder 5K.

Forget everything else this is what you need to know.


To celebrate the launch of Europe's Toughest Mudder Berlin we're going back in time to hang out with Coach's UK correspondent Robin and a whole host of familiar faces at the first ever Europe's Toughest Mudder.

There's tears, there's laughter, there's a whole host of crazy Mudders taking on one of the most extreme OCR challenges around - what more could you possibly want?


When we announced our partnership with Samsung they showed you the Tough Mudder course from a whole new angle, but now Samsung are giving you extra insight into event day with 360 previews (reviews) of our most famous (and feared) obstacles.

Tough Mudder obstacles go 360

Not sure how you'll tackle Funky Monkey - The Revolution? Can't wait to take an ice-cold dip in Arctic Enema? Give yourself a headstart with these 360 obstacle videos.


In this week's episode of Coachified, we head to the land of tea, tradition, and David Bowie.


When you think about Tough Mudder and the beloved British sport of Rugby you may not find many similarities. But in fact there are plenty of parrallels between the two, for instance they share a fair bit of mud, a strong sense of teamwork and the desire to push personal boundaries.


To celebrate a partnership as epic as the one between Tough Mudder and Jeep UK you have to do something pretty special. That's why for the first time EVER we present to you the Jeep Renegade Tough Mudder Limited Edition. The vehicle was created to demonstrate just how well-suited we are for one another, how a kick-ass, mud-slicked obstacle course and a gritty off-roader that can tackle anything are just meant to be.