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The 10 Best Electroshock Therapy reactions from 2015

Published on 28 October, 2015 by Zac Hancock

Thanks to Bosch, in 2015 Electroshock Therapy inflicted all sorts of muscle cramping zaps to Mudders all over the UK.

As we know pictures speak louder than words and in this case you can almost hear the screams. Keep scrolling for the 10 best reactions from the 2015 season and then vote for your favourite. 










Have a favourite picture? Head over to the album posted on the here on the Bosch Professional Power Tools UK Facebook page and like your favourite. 

All you have to do is like the picture that sums up the 10,000 volts of Mudder masochism. From the image with the most likes Bosch will pick 5 “likers” to receive some goodies as thanks.

Remember, next year it could be you that is captured, frozen in a state of Electroshock. So choose wisely.

See you out there soon.



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