The 10 Wildest Obstacle Designs In 2019

By TMHQ | 5 September, 2019


We received so many crazy obstacles ideas in this year's Obstacle Design Competition that we needed to give our judges extra time to consider all the different submissions. So while they are deliberating, we thought we would check out the 10 wildest entries we received this year:


Forward Progress - Jeremy Kaufmann

There's a lot to unpack here. The key though, as Jeremy tells us, is that you must always keep moving forward. Whether it's by flying, running, walking or crawling, how far do you think you could make it through this Mudder maze? 


Patches O' Houlihan - Derek Kelly

Let's just defer to Derek's own description of the obstacle. "Dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge through a plexiglass case of emotion to a slide into an ice bath to help wipe away the tears that have been raining on you the entire way through." Enough said. 


Mudderuption - Jessica Blubaugh

You think Everest is hard. Try hiking up a Volcano whilst battling mud-like-lava spewing down into your face. But, that's not all, Jessica tells us that you then need to traverse the crater on cargo nets and slide down lava tubes to escape. 


Temple of Boom - Alex Cibic

Alex tells us that he would love to be Indiana Jones for a day. To make his dream a reality, he has combined some of Tough Mudder's most iconic obstacles together and added a zipline to give us all the chance to re-create some of Indy's greatest movie stunts. 


Overbite - Kirsty Hyams

Deadly Spikes. Need we say more. Kirsty is really keen to test Mudders athletic ability who will have to leap over a series of gaps where it's best not to think about not making it over. Let's just hope Mudders don't bite off more than they can chew with this obstacle. 


Height Of Fission - Olivia Calloway

Just imagine a giant trampoline where Mudders are launching themselves onto a wall hoping to stick there like big muddy flies onto flypaper. What a sight. This obstacle would challenge Electroshock Therapy for the best spectator viewing.


Kick The Bucket - Stephen Phillips

Whether you want to mine for gold or mine for Mudders, this is the obstacle for you. Stephen describes a complex system of gears, pulleys and buckets that rely on teamwork to transport Mudders up to the surface in giant buckets.  


Octoslosh - David Sylvestre

Mudders work together to hoist up buckets of water to the top of this obstacle where they empty into a tank. The muddy water then will come sloshing out as David puts it, "like a puking Octopus." Now there's a nice visual for when you're halfway round the course. 


Wheel Of Pain - Keith Williams

We think the name might put even the bravest Mudders off. However, Keith insists this is a teamwork-based obstacle that requires teams of people to push the huge timber structure around so they can exit. Apparently similiar challenges throughout history have been described as a "symbol of the fruitless toil of life..." Deep.


Beer Run - Roy Reynolds

Say no more. Beer, kegs and a test of strength sounds like the perfect combination. Although, Roy seems to have left out the part whereupon completion everyone gets to sit around and enjoy emptying those kegs. 


Wow. What a list. Hats off to the amazing minds out there in Mudder Nation that submitted a collection of some of the most amazing designs we have ever seen. Stay tuned for the winner...


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