The 20-Minute AMRAP Workout That Will Get You Over Mudderhorn

By EROCK | 11 January, 2019


Are you up for Tough Mudder’s new 2019 obstacles? Well, meet Mudderhorn: A 25-feet high mountain of an obstacle that you’ll have to scale on every Tough Mudder Classic course this year.

Acrophobia be damned—the tallest obstacle we’ve ever presented on a Tough Mudder Challenge Series course means you’ve got an awesome opportunity to finally conquer your fear of heights. Just don’t look down. (Really...don’t look down.)

Summiting this obstacle takes teamwork up front, plus a lot of careful hand-over-hand and foot-over-foot maneuvering, so you’ll want to train with a killer full-body circuit workout to develop the leg, core, arm, and grip strength you'll need. Oh, and did we mention nerves of steel?

Here’s a little taste of what you’ll be facing:


Intimidated? Don’t be—we’ve created a 20-minute AMRAP circuit workout (which you can do at home or in the gym) that will help you build and maintain the all-over strength you need to crush Mudderhorn. (Not familiar with AMRAP? That’s As Many Reps As Possible.) So for this AMRAP workout, start with 100 jump rope skips and continue with the next moves; then repeat the circuit workout as many times as possible in 20 minutes. Of course, rest as necessary.

20-Minute AMRAP Circuit Workout 

Jump rope - 100 skips


Dumbbell Lunges - 10 on each side


Dumbbell Shoulder Press - 10 reps



Dumbbell Deadlift - 10 reps


Wall Ball Throws - 10 reps

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