By TMHQ | 26 January, 2017


The recent training event held in London at “Mudderchute” saw the UK debut of 3 of the most highly anticipated obstacles of 2017. Augustus Gloop, Funky Monkey - The Revolution and Kong wereall tried and tested by Mudders for the first time in the UK.


Augustus Gloop

Mudders who braved the cold at “Mudderchute” got to take on Augustus Gloop (minus the water due to the near freezing conditions) for the first time and test their technique required to shimmy to the top of the claustrophobic tube. See the action below:




Funky Monkey - The Revolution

The newest iteration of this Mudder favourite was also taken on by Mudders during the bespoke training sessions. Successfully negotiating the revolving wheels proved to be a new challenge. Check out the action below:




Kong (Legionnaire Exclusive)

2017’s Legionnaire finisher obstacle proved to be the star attraction with Mudders attempting to swing their way across the 4.5-metre span whilst dangling 7-metres in the air. Tackling this after 10-12 miles of a Tough Mudder is going to test even the hardiest of Legionnaires. Watch the action below:




Couldn’t make it to “Mudderchute” in London? Don’t worry, your chance to take on these obstacles and many more is just around the corner at Tough Mudder London West on the 29th of April or 6 & 7 May.


See you in the mud.