2019 UK Tough Mudder Start Time FAQs

By TMHQ | 2 April, 2019




Will start times be enforced?

Yes, you will need to run at the time you have been given. Your start time will be sent approximately 10 days before the event day. No need to bring proof – your start time will be linked to your ticket, so make sure to bring a printed or digital copy of your ticket and your photo ID.


What does my start time mean? What time should I get to the event?

Your start time is the time you will start the course. For example, a participant assigned 8:00am will start their warm up at 8:00am. We suggest arriving 45 minutes to an hour before your assigned start time to ensure you can check in, drop your bag, and get to the Warm Up Zone 10 minutes before you are set to run the course. If you show up after the final call for your start time, you will be moved to the “standby” area and enter the next available wave.


I bought my ticket the day before or on the day of the event – now what?

No worries – head through check in with your ticket and visit the back of the Help Desk. Please plan to arrive no later than 13:00pm on Saturday and 11:00am on Sunday and we will put you in the next available start wave.


How do I make sure I get the same start time as my friends?

If you bought your tickets in the same transaction or have registered at a team on Active.com, you will all be at the same start time. Teams must have been created two weeks before the event (two Monday’s prior) in order for all members to be assigned together.

If you don’t have the same start time as your team please go to the Help Desk.


What if my friend signed up as a participant after the deadline?

Participants that purchase(d) a ticket after the two week deadline can join an existing team and will be uploaded into the Start Time Look Up Tool by the Friday before the event day. Individuals that are joining a team will receive the team’s start time. Individuals that are not joining a team will be added to the next available start wave. To ensure they can run with your team please have them check in as usual and then head to the Help Desk where they will be given the same start wave as the rest of your team.


If I show up early/late for my start time, what happens?

If you show up EARLY: We will have a standby area that you can wait in. If space becomes available, we will allow you into the next start wave, but we cannot guarantee you to start until your assigned wave time. If you show up LATE: If the final wave has not gone out and the course is still open, we will have a standby area available, however, we will need to prioritise participants with assigned start times so please be aware that you may have to wait.


What if my allocated time changed before the event?

We do two allocations of Start times and they will change in the lead up to an event for participants who do any of the following in the 2 weeks prior to an event:

  1. Buy a Tougher Mudder ticket. You will be put in the Tougher wave.
  2. Buy a First Mud upgrade. You will be put at the First Mud wave.
  3. Joined a team or changed teams. Your new time will reflect the changes.
  4. Join a special team or wave like Solo Runners. Your time will reflect this


What is Standby?

A holding area where participants who miss their start time or wish to run as a team will be held until space is available in the following start waves. There will be a short wait however, we will make sure to get you out on course, together as a team, as soon as possible.


Can I run multiple times in one day?

Multiple laps of ONLY the Tough Mudder Classic event format are allowed. As long as time allows you to complete the course safely. Head to the standby area at the completion of your first time. You will be let into the next available start wave. If the start line has closed once you’ve finished, you will not be allowed to start again.


If I am in a Corporate Team how do I know my start time?

Your team leader or group captain will be given the start time and they will be responsible for collecting and allocating start time places at the event upon arrival.