5 Reasons Why 5K Events Suck

By TMHQ | 11 October, 2017


Now don’t get us wrong, we’re a fan of anything that gets people up, outside and challenging themselves. The problem is that a lot of 5K events...well they kinda suck.

Whether they’re overly cheesy or completely boring the 5K market is saturated with hundreds of almost identical events.

So here’s a rundown of why we think other 5K runs suck.

5K isn't far...unless it's boring


At one end of the spectrum is your inflatable, multi-coloured bounce-fests and at the other the ‘serious’ 5K events - the earphones in, speak to no one, nothing but running boring 5K races.

There’s plenty of time during your weekly commute to listen to your super interesting podcast or that carefully curated playlist but your weekend deserves so much more.

At Tough Mudder 5K running is a teamsport and you'll find yourself laughing, talking, and debating the best way to get the whole crew around the course.

Is this a kid's birthday party?


We certainly subscribe to the idea of embracing your inner child, throwing off the shackles of day-to-day life and getting outside with your mates but we also belief in personal accomplishment and challenging yourself.

If you've bounced your way to 5K on inflatables or been doused in colourful powder it's time to upgrade your experience to something a little more epic, something you'll be proud to tell your workmates about come Monday.

Once you've crossed the finish line, having overcome 10+ obstacles with the help of your friends, and you have a pint in hand and headband...on head - you'll be glad you did. 

Just running isn't that good for you


Not that we’re discouraging you from getting up and pounding the pavement, it’s just that actually a varied workout is loads better for you. Running at a steady pace on concrete puts pressure on your joints and doing such a repetitive action doesn’t challenge your body.

Compound strength exercises are where it’s at, squats, pull-ups and chin-ups. Movements that aren’t out of place on say...an obstacle course where you'll be pulling and pushing yourself and others over a series of kick-ass obstacles.

5K is the loneliest distance


You might run side by side at a standard 5K event, and your friends might even give you some much-needed motivation but you don’t know teamwork until you’ve shimmied up the bodies of four complete strangers, while two of your friends grab your hands and with all of their strength heave you over the summit of Pyramid Scheme.

You’ve got no reason to make friends with a stranger when you’re jogging in circles, but you do when they’re helping you conquer your fears.

Where do you go from here?


So you’ve done 5K. What now? Maybe you’ll try 10K, and run a few more monotonous loops. You’ll certainly never see the people you ran with again, will you even see your own friends again after you made them do such a crummy weekend activity?

What you need is a tribe. A group of people who will support you and encourage you to take on a bigger, tougher challenge, and with plenty of event formats you’ll have plenty to choose from once you’ve got your TM5K headband.


Can't wait to try the new format? Find out more about the brand new Tough Mudder 5K.