5 reasons you should be running for a charity

By TMHQ | 20 February, 2017


Nothing beats the feeling you get crossing the finish line for a cause you care about. You’re bettering the lives of others, and in the process, pushing yourself to levels of mental strength you never knew possible. Running for charity can bring some sweet personal benefits, and it’s about time you knew about them.

Ready to knock 2017 out of the park? Here are 5 reasons to run for charity.

Get Fit

You’ll never skip a training session. Think of fundraising for charity as your accountability partner. Soon enough, gym sessions will become a habit, not a chore. You’ll power through the pain of bootcamp and circuit sessions for the good of your cause, and in the end,  your body will thank you.

Use these Free Training Guides to map your Mudder workouts. It’s never too late to toughen up.

A Better Leader

Fundraising for a Tough Mudder can shape you into an incredible leader, and it doesn’t go unnoticed. Businesses on the hunt for shiny new candidates will admire your ability to take on great challenges and break boundaries for those in need. If you want your resume to stand out, running for charity will get you noticed.

Expand Your Network

Camaraderie is right at the heart of every Tough Mudder. Tell people you’re running for charity and you’ll turn into a Mudder magnet - your team won’t stop growing. Need a hand up Everest? You’ve got five. Everybody you meet will do everything they can to help you smash your goals. Tough Mudder isn’t a solo event. You’ll make friends for life, whether you like it or not.

Then there’s your charity. From sign-up they're your biggest fan and incredibly grateful for every cent you can give.

The Key to Happiness

You know what brings even more happiness than a run through quality mud? Helping people. Sure, you may lose a shoe or two. And yes there’s a field of dangling wires waiting to electrocute you. But does that really compare to being able to help another person in need? No. Team an endorphin kick with a ‘helper's high’ and bingo you’ve got the secret to happiness. The beer at the finish line helps too.

Redefining Your Comfort Zone

Taking on 500 gallons of mud and 20+ world class obstacles for charity gives you superhero status. At the finish, you’ll be braver and stronger than you were at the start line - guaranteed.

Conquering your fears and raising hundreds of dollars in the process will make you feel invincible. You’ve achieved something many others couldn’t and the only way is up from there. Take the confidence boost and ride with it - why stop at one headband?

Ready to take on a new challenge? Take the plunge and secure your charity spot today.