6 Things You Miss the Most About Tough Mudder in Winter

By TMHQ | 6 December, 2017


The mornings are dark, the days are short and you've already heard 'All I Want for Christmas' 568 times - you miss the summer. You miss Tough Mudder. 

It's a whole range of components brought together that make a Tough Mudder event so unique, but there are a few that really stand out in those sweet summer memories.

6 Things you Miss the Most About Tough Mudder in Winter


The off-season is a struggle for every Mudder, but these are the top six reasons why you're really missing Tough Mudder weekends.

1. MUD

The thicker and gloopier the better. We don't call you Mudders for no reason. Unfortunately rolling around in your backgarden just doesn't have the same effect.


2. Brand Spanking New Obstacles

What you're currently experiencing is an obstacle hangover, you partied all summer long taking all of the obstacle madness 2017 had to offer and now you're tired and feeling sick. Luckily for you hair of the dog is right around the corner with brand new obstacles for 2018 and the biggest piece of Tough Mudder news...EVER.



Go on...admit it. You miss the feeling of complete and utter shock as you hit the ice, and the rush of adrenaline that pushes you through the next five miles.


4. Electroshock Therapy

You've come so far and the finish line is in sight, Electroshock Therapy means you're seconds way from a new headband. Now that's a feeling that is hard to recreate (and so are the shocks).


5. Your Tough Mudder Family

If you're a regular then there will be plenty of faces you can't wait to see come the Spring. Hanging out in the pub just isn't the same as helping your friends overcome challenges and achieve what they thought they never could.

6. The Party

As you stand awkwardly near the printer, lukewarm beer in hand at this years' office Christmas Party it's likely you'll be plagued with memories of the best party you've ever been to. With music, mud and laughter (as well as cider and food) the atmosphere at a Tough Mudder is unbeatable. 

Need something to cheer yourself up with? Book your place in the mud for 2019 now.