9 Mudders On What the New 2019 Obstacles Are REALLY Like

By TMHQ | 16 April, 2019


Now that the Tough Mudder 2019 season is upon us, we know what you really want to know: exactly what are the new obstacles like? We’re guessing you’ve checked out our obstacles page but now we’re sharing first-person perspectives from Tough Mudder participants who actually tried the obstacles at World’s Toughest Mudder. Read what they had to say:



“Assuming you're not terrified of heights, you're going to love the view from up top. However, if heights aren't your thing, try not to urinate on the people below.” — Joe Perry, Tough Mudder Legionnaire

“Mudderhorn is the best and somehow worst last thing you want to see in a lap. You know you're close, but this one drained me every lap! These are the times I had to count on Mudder Nation for a leg up.” — Chris Betcher, Tough Mudder Ambassador

“Can you say 'huge'? This obstacle is larger than life. Not only is it enormous (can I see my house from the top?) but just to get onto this A-frame cargo net, there is a featureless wall that you need to overcome first.” — Ryan Atkins, 2018 Tough Mudder Pro Team Member

“I really liked the teamwork aspect of this one. It was a great remix of two favorite obstacles.” — Allison Tai, 2018 Tough Mudder Pro Team Member

“If heights are an issue for you, Mudderhorn will be quite a spectacle. I’ve personally never had too much of an issue with heights, so I honestly had a ton of fun on Mudderhorn!” — Danielle Kissel, World’s Toughest Mudder Competitor and Muddy Warrior Chick Blogger

“If you don’t like heights, don’t look down! This is the largest A-frame I have ever been on and it surely plays into my fear of heights.” — Kris Mendoza, World’s Toughest Mudder 2018 Champion

“I thought it was the same obstacle from 2016...until I saw the huge slick wall we had to scale before reaching the cargo net. The wall was so high we needed to stack bodies to reach the top. Great teamwork obstacle.” — Trevor Cichosz, World’s Toughest Mudder Competitor

“Not only the largest cargo net I've ever seen, but probably one of the biggest obstacles! Climbing up and over this monster made my fear of heights kick in a little.” — Lindsay Webster, 2018 Tough Mudder Pro Team Member

“Mudderhorn is huge, it truly is a mountain; but what I really love is that it is an A-Frame with a twist. A-Frames are an OCR staple, but Mudderhorn makes you work together before you can even start to scale it.” — Jimmy Sorel, Tough Mudder Chief Obstacle Tester



“Oh you think you're good at obstacles? Try doing a bunch of hardest obstacles back to back to back to back.” — Joe Perry

“The gauntlet is a triplet of trickiness. Three back-to-back obstacles challenge your balance, your grip, and your ability to wedge yourself. Good Luck.” — Ryan Atkins

“Best new obstacle ever. I'm a huge fan of gauntlets and this one had it all. I really liked the different pieces they put together to form one big fun mega obstacle. It reminded me a bit of a kids' fun house.” — Allison Tai

“The Gauntlet is no joke! It’s quite possibly one of the most challenging new obstacles Tough Mudder created this year because it’s simply a full-body challenge that turns into a war on grip strength as soon as fatigue from the race begins to set in. I think it’s safe to say that this obstacle is like the ultimate OCR racer’s playground.” — Danielle Kissell

“I hope you’re up for a challenge. This is my favorite obstacle that Tough Mudder has released in awhile. Balance, grip strength, and core strength—everything is going to be tested on this epic obstacle that gives Mudders many opportunities to fail, but an awesome sense of accomplishment to complete.” — Kris Mendoza

“Wow! So much fun. I hope Tough Mudder makes more obstacles like this.” — Trevor Cichosz

“This series of three obstacles all in a row creates a full body challenge! Your upper body and grip strength will see if they're up to the task of completing a rig followed by a wood crimp traverse. After that, your core and legs will undergo the task of crossing two opposing sloped boards while in a walking plank position. This obstacle was exciting every time because I never know if there's one section I'll have trouble getting through that day!” — Lindsay Webster

“The Gauntlet is the obstacle that turns heads, the obstacle you train to beat, and the obstacle that feels so good to complete. It is thoroughly difficult and enjoyable.” — Jimmy Sorel



“This is waaaay too much fun to be called an obstacle. If this doesn't make you laugh, there's something wrong with you.” — Joe Perry

“This obstacle made me want to grab the ropes like in a wrestling ring and shake them.” — Chris Betcher

“A series of high-tension straps allow you to traverse the water pit, but a lack of balance, or another mudder might throw you off. Not to mention the tangle of straps that will trip you up. Take your time on this one.” — Ryan Atkins

“It was a bit like playing Twister over icy water.” — Allison Tai

“Black Widow is a sort of Rubik’s Cube for OCR racers. The hardest part: it was constantly moving! Somehow I made it every time, but I’m really not sure how.” — Danielle Kissel

“This is such a fun obstacle, testing your balance. Navigate your way through a maze of slack lines, but don’t get fooled by the many upper body slack lines, they are just as flimsy as the ones beneath your feet.” — Kris Mendoza

“My second favorite new obstacle. A combination of balance work and puzzle solving as you try to finesse your way across the slack lines without falling into the water.” — Trevor Cichosz

“Traverse a series of slacklines with a little bit of assistance from some drooping ropes hanging overhead. Don't get stuck in the spider's web! This obstacle ended up being one of my new favourites as I was reduced to a fit of giggles every time.” — Lindsay Webster

“Black Widow is not only cool to look at, it's fun to do. This is a playground of slacklines: varying levels of tension, climbing over and dipping under different lines, and someone grabbing the same line you are holding onto are all elements that add fun and danger of going in the water.” — Jimmy Sorel

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“How about some cold water down the back of your neck? Refreshing—or extremely rude.” — Joe Perry

“We all loved the original. This one is even better. Cold water blasted at your face as you first submerge yourself, then get into a split tube and scale the wall with small incut holds for your hands and feet.” — Ryan Atkins

“Do a full-body dunk to get under the barrier and in to the tube you need to start climbing up. The 2.0 version of this obstacle makes it harder than before! You can't take the easy way out anymore by wedging your back against the tube while your feet do the work; you need to properly climb the tube like a ladder while freezing water pours over your head from above.” — Lindsay Webster

“Augustus Gloop 2.0 is a complete onslaught of water. There's no getting around it, you will be 100% soaked after this one!” — Jimmy Sorel



“Think thin and don't get stuck. Keep moving and there's a good chance you won't drown.” — Joe Perry

“Why is the water pink? Is that the souls of previous mudders who didn't quite make it? No, its Hydrophobia. Semi-sunk tubes sitting in water. Get in, shimmy along, get wet, and get out.” — Ryan Atkins

“Fun! Another ingenious idea to play on people’s fear by TMHQ”. — Allison Tai

“Hydrophobia really wasn’t all that bad to me. This is one instance I can say where my short stature brings me an advantage. I normally have no issue with tube crawls simply because it doesn’t take much for me to crouch down into a tunnel.” — Danielle Kissel

“Just breathe!! Not for the claustrophobic, this obstacle tests the mental strength mudders. While not physically demanding, you need a little mental grit to shimmy through this one.” — Kris Mendoza

“Like crawling through a wet, shaky culvert.” — Trevor Cichosz

“Hydrophobia was one of my favorites at testing. The key was waiting until there is no one in the tube in front of you, then you kick off the wall like a swimmer and waterslide your way to the other end. No need to army crawl.” — Jimmy Sorel



“Keep your butt low or pay the electrifying consequences. Screaming is allowed.” — Joe Perry

“I felt like I was channeling Catherine Zeta-Jones’ butt this whole obstacle.” — Chris Betcher

“If barbed wire crawls and Electro Shock Therapy had a baby, this would be it. Low-crawl your way through, but don't let your butt lift up, because you'll get a "shocking" surprise.” — Ryan Atkins

“Another great new spin on a classic. Loved it.” — Allison Tai

“Tough Mudder has found a new way to shock you, haha. When you start crawling under, you get a false sense of security, then the wires get closer and closer as you keep crawling. Next thing you know, you are completely flat on the ground, still unsure as to whether you are safe from the electricity.” — Jimmy Sorel



“Good luck with this one. If you miss, gravity will make sure you get wet.” — Joe Perry

“Run, jump, grab. If you get the timing wrong, you'll take a swim. If you get it right, you still have to climb up the cargo net and then slide down a pole onto the other side.”  — Ryan Atkins

“You really have to commit. I love that about this obstacle. It is quite literally, a leap of faith.” — Allison Tai 

“Leap of Faith was pretty cool! This obstacle required us to, literally, leap across a bit of water to catch ourselves on some cargo netting that we then had to climb up to reach a pole that we then shimmied down to make a dry finish across the obstacle. This is one obstacle that’s way harder than it appears at first glance; I was completely at a loss of breath every time I fell into the waters.” — Danielle Kissel

“Sometimes you just have to trust yourself and go for it! Leap of Faith requires Mudders to jump and grab ahold of of cargo net. Make sure you hold on tight and get to the top before pole dancing down to the ground! This one works your arms and core and is a great test if you trained for this event!!” — Kris Mendoza

“My favorite obstacle of the race. Sprint towards a pool of water and leap over it to grab a hanging cargo net. Don't tear your bicep as you snag on and pull your way up. Watch your crotch as you slide down the pole to the finish.” — Trevor Cichosz

“This obstacle left my abs sore for days! It's really a full body workout.” — Lindsay Webster

“I loved Leap of Faith. Fly through the air, grab the net, and hope you stay dry. It requires a burst of energy like Everest, but with the added risk of a pool of water.”  — Jimmy Sorel

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“There's no way of looking cool when doing this obstacle. If you're sadistic, you can make this obstacle even more challenging for your friends.” — Joe Perry

“Straps across a water pit. Get down onto them 'spread eagle' style and shimmy, slide or inch-worm your way across. There are no style points here.” — Ryan Atkins

“This one was surprisingly tiring by the end. I love how it was a game of balance and strategy.” — Allison Tai

“This obstacle was way more challenging than I expected. My technique was to just sort of shimmy across. It was a real forearm burner. Once I finished I noticed techniques of a few fellow racers who opted to just lay horizontally across about 4 slack lines and then just roll towards the finish—something I hadn’t even thought of, but probably would have saved me a bit of an ache in that grip strength!” — Danielle Kissel

“Pull yourself along a slack line on your belly. It's like a horizontal rope climb, and a real shoulder workout!” — Lindsay Webster

“Spread Eagle puts you face-to-face with a pool of water. You only have two wobbly slacklines separating you and getting soaked. Just hope that your balance is good enough and your abs are strong enough.” — Jimmy Sorel


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