The Best Arctic Enema Reactions Ever

By TMHQ | 18 June, 2019


Ahh Arctic Enema, unbelievably horrifying to experience but surely not matched in spectator entertainment value (except maybe by shocking people with electricity...).

We asked Arctic Enema sponsor and our official apparel partner Dare 2B to choose their favourite Arctic Enema reactions...ever, so turn up the volume and prepare to laugh.




They say that swearing helps relieve pain and gives us a sense of control over a bad situation - whatever gets you through the ice guys. 


This guy lost his sh*t and his cool sunglasses. That's a rough couple of minutes.



The sounds that leave the mouths of Mudders in Arctic Enema can only be described as inhuman and we love it.



You say it best, when you say nothing at all. Arctic Enema you take our breath and the ability to speak away.


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