The Core Workout That Will Get You Through Black Widow

By EROCK | 4 January, 2019


Are you tough enough to tackle Tough Mudder’s new 2019 obstacles? Well, meet Black Widow: An intricate series of 30-foot long tightropes suspended over water that’s enough to give anyone arachnophobia.

You’ll need balance, agility, and mental grit to get out of this sticky, tricky obstacle that’s on the Tough Mudder Classic course—not to mention a killer core workout to give you the ab strength you’ll need to maneuver your way through this web.

Here’s a little taste of the hairy beast that’s Black Widow:

Intimidated? Don’t be. Channel your inner spidey sense and practice these core strengthening exercises. This quick ab workout will have you on (and off) the ropes in record speed. 

Core Burning Workout


Try four rounds of these three ab exercises, in order, and do a 30-second plank hold between each round. 

15 Russian Twists

30 Flutter Kicks

15 Sit Ups

30 plank hold between rounds


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