Does the 80/20 rule work?

By TMHQ | 1 August, 2017


When it comes to finding the formula to hit your fitness goals there's plenty of information out there and half the time it differs wildly. PTs, magazines, friends, blogs; where do you start and what is right?

One of the biggest debates out there is surely diet vs exercise. We all know a bit of both is best - but does the 80/20 rule (the idea that 80% of fitness is based on diet and only 20% on working out) really stand true? We got our protein drink partner For Goodness Shakes to weigh in on the discussion.

For Goodness Shakes on the 80/20 question

A good diet will certainly help you to further your fitness goals more significantly than how often or how intensely you work out. The 80/20 rule is a good start point: focus 80% of your time on your nutrition, eating the right foods, and 20% on your exercise regime.

This isn’t to say that exercise isn’t important, but you need to get your nutrition right. Exercising and having a poor diet is unproductive. You can spend hours in the gym but if your diet isn’t on point, your goals may continue to drift.

If you want to get lean

If your goal is to get lean or lose weight then it’s important to create a calorie deficit (i.e. burn more calories than you consume). To lose a pound of body fat in a week you need to create a 3500-calorie deficit. Following the 80/20 rule you should cut 2800 calories from your diet and then burn 700 calories or more through exercise. This can be done easily by going for a short run three times a week.

Combining exercise with a healthy and balanced diet, that is rich in lean protein sources will ensure controlled and sustainable toning and weight loss as protein helps to promote a feeling of satiety, keeping you feeling fuller for longer. For Goodness Shakes Protein Nutrition packs the goodness of 20g lean milk protein and 14 vitamins and minerals into a delicious low fat shake.

There is no added sugar, so you get a nutritious shake for only 125 calories (Chocolate 144 calories). It’s ready to drink and can be kept out of the fridge making it ideal as a protein top-up, a low sugar drink with lunch or as a nutritious shake on the go.

If you want to gain muscle

On the other hand, if your goal is to pack on muscle or bulk up then you need to consume more calories than you burn. Since one pound of body weight equals 3500 calories, eating an extra 500 calories per day will cause you to gain roughly one pound a week.

It is important to get these additional 500 calories from healthy food sources such as lean protein and complex carbohydrates and not from unhealthy foods like pizza and cakes. Combine this with strength training to ensure that the calorie increase is being utilised by your body and building muscle not fat.

For Goodness Shakes Ultimate Protein shake is our highest protein and lowest carb shake. With a 4:1 protein:carbohydrate ratio, For Goodness Shakes Ultimate Protein contains an impressive 40g of whey and casein proteins which are essential for lean muscle growth and repair.

It contains a unique micronutrient blend which contributes to protein synthesis, muscle function and help to reduce tiredness and fatigue. With 210 calories per bottle, For Goodness Shakes Ultimate Protein is the perfect fit for someone looking to build muscle and bulk up.

Keep one eye on the fridge

At the end of the day, what you eat matters more than how you workout as your body works best when it’s getting the fuel it needs. It’s important you treat yourself once in a while but be sure to keep a close eye on your nutrition if you’re serious about upping your game.

If you want to learn more about which of our shakes might be best for your goal, head to the For Goodness Shakes Website.