The EMOM Full Body Workout That Will Get You Through The Gauntlet

By EROCK | 4 January, 2019


Think you’re ready for Tough Mudder’s new 2019 obstacles? Well, meet The Gauntlet: A long, mean, Mudder-crushing machine that you’ll find on every Tough Mudder Classic course this year. At over 100 feet, The Gauntlet is the longest obstacle in Tough Mudder history—and we looked deep into our past to come up with this crazy contraption. It’s comprised of four fatigue-inducing sections that are based on iconic Tough Mudder obstacles from our past. 

From nose to toes, it’ll test your endurance, balance, grip strength, and more—so you’ll need a full body workout to develop the strength to dominate this obstacle. Here’s a little taste of what you’ll be facing:


We’ve created a simple, 3-move, 15-minute EMOM full body workout that will help you build and maintain the full-body strength you need to crush The Gauntlet. (Not familiar with EMOM workouts? It stands for Every Minute on the Minute.) 

Full Body Workout — EMOM for 15 Minutes

At the start of a minute, move through the set number of reps of each of the three moves. Then rest until the beginning of the next minute and repeat the reps and sequence. Do this for 15 minutes.


3 Burpees


5 Sandbag Cleans (or sub in 5 Kettlebell Cleans)


7 Squats

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