Europe's Toughest Mudder 2017 - What You Need to Know

By TMHQ | 27 February, 2017



We’re incredibly excited about the upcoming Toughest Mudder series. This community of World’s Toughest Mudders and soon to be Toughest Mudders is made up of our most valued and loyal customers. Before we make any decisions about the event or format, we always consider you, the community, first and foremost. With that said, we’ve had some time over the past few months to listen to your feedback and concerns about the initial Toughest Mudder format launched late last year. So we’ve decided to make some changes to the format which will allow for a more balanced prizing and awards structure for Toughest Mudder.

First off, repeat after me:

NEW - 2017 Competitive Series Pledge

As a Tough Mudder, I pledge that

I understand this event is a race... but not an excuse to be a selfish jerk   
I will uphold the Tough Mudder values of teamwork and camaraderie
I will help my fellow competitors complete the course
I will not whine... losers whine
I recognise that in life the race is long... and in the end, only really with myself

Here are the key updates you need to know for Toughest Mudder 2017:

Qualify as a Contender for WTM

  • Must run 25 miles (or more) at a Toughest event to qualify as a contender for WTM ‘17
  • We’ve removed Top 30 placement from the qualification measure
  • Contender perks will remain the same for WTM ‘17: Custom bib, Premium Pit & Start locations, and eligibility for cash prizing
  • If you cannot attend Europe's Toughest Mudder and want to run a WTM '17, there will be an application process released in the coming weeks which will outline how and where to submit an application and the past -or- relevant performance required to enter into this category at WTM ‘17

Qualify as an Elite Contender for WTM

  • Must place in the Top 5 at a Toughest event in 2017 to qualify as an elite contender for WTM ‘17
  • Elite contender category will have the same perks as Contender, plus: Elite Bib and eligibility for Bonus prizing at WTM ‘17

50 Mile Bonus Prizing 

  • Is now extended to include both Individual Female & Male categories
  • A bonus prize of £4,000 will be awarded to the winning participant/s in the Individual Female & Male categories if they reach 50 miles (or more) at a 2017 Toughest Mudder event.

Prizing Categories [Updated]

For a number of reasons, we have decided to remove the formal Team category at Toughest Mudder 2017. We are in no way discouraging people from forming teams and running to form teams and run as a group. But, based on interest and feedback, we determined that a formal Team category at this particular event does not make sense to keep in the first year. We have re-allocated the prize money to other exciting areas (some of which will be announced in a few weeks). To be 100% clear, teamwork and camaraderie will always be at the core of Tough Mudder events. This doesn't change the fact that you will still need the support of your fellow Mudders to complete the course and for those registered to run as a team, you are absolutely encouraged to still do so.

Individual Female and Male prizing categories have been increased and extended to 5th place to:

  • 1st Place = £4000 
  • 2nd Place - £1500
  • 3rd Place = £800
  • 4th Place = £400 
  • 5th Place = £200

Achievement Awards [Updated]

  • 25 Miles = 25 Mile Toughest Mudder Patch & Qualification for Contender Category at WTM ‘17
  • 50 Miles = 50 Mile Toughest Mudder Patch

Finisher Awards [Updated]

Finishers will receive:

  • Custom Toughest Mudder: Bib, T-Shirt, and Headband
  • Additionally, each Toughest Mudder finisher will receive a unique event patch

Annual Mileage Bonus Award - Most Miles [New]

  • $10,000 Bonus Prize to the Male & Female with the most Toughest miles at the end of the year
  • Limited to Top (3) performances in 2017 (i.e. only mileage from best 3 events will count)
  • Will be awarded at the WTM 2017 - Carb Load Dinner

Have more questions? Check out our Toughest Mudder FAQs.

Additional things to note:

  1. Event Timing: Remains at 8hrs, from 12:00 a.m (midnight) Saturday, to 8:00 a.m. Sunday morning

  2. Course Distance: Remains at 5 miles, circuit style

  3. Support Crew: Each participant will be allowed two (2) support crew for assistance during the race, £20 price point for support crew. (Coming Soon...)

    1. Support Crew must be associated with a participant

    2. Can assist and support athletes from within the Mudder Village for duration of the event, will not be allowed out on course

  4. Drop Zone: Unlike World’s Toughest, camping space will not be provided, however, there will be a large main Drop Zone tent, which has a small space for each participant and support crew to drop race equipment and supplies.The Race tent will also house: Medical, Timing, and Race Info Center*

    1. Important Note: There will be limited supplies onsite for the overnight event, support Crew and spectators are expected to bring food/drinks and supplies as needed to spend the night.  Support Crew will not be allowed to leave Mudder Village, but can leave site and return as desired. Bringing warm clothing, blanket, headlamp, and a chair is recommended.*

  5. Course Layout: Will utilise TWO distinct 5-mile loops for use at different times during the event each with a different set of obstacles.

  6. Obstacles, last but not least Obstacles Obstacles Obstacles. Yes, they will be adjusted. Yes, they will be tougher. Yes, they will be king at Toughest Mudder 2017. 

See you all at a Toughest Mudder in 2017,

Toughest Mudder Race Directors


*Please check local event pages for regional differences.