Every Can Counts at Tough Mudder

By TMHQ | 1 July, 2019


Along with the rest of the world Tough Mudder Headquarters has been having plenty of conversations around sustainability and making our events more environmentally friendly.

Luckily this year Every Can Counts have come on board to help us recycle as many of our BrewDog finisher drink cans as possible - but we still need your help.





As the largest canned drinks market in Europe, the UK alone sells 9.7 billions drinks cans every year, that's more than 26 million cans every single day. That is one hell of a lot of cans.

It takes a lot of energy to create all of these cans (the energy saved by recycling just one can could power a TV for four hours) and so by recycling as many of them as possible we reduce our carbon footprint and the number of cans ending up in landfill.



Every Can Counts will be bringing their can-only recycling bins to all Tough Mudder UK events this season, so keep an eye out for the signs and make sure that you're only putting cans in the Every Can Counts bins - that means no plastic bottles, no rubbish and definitely no muddy trainers.

All cans collected will be recycled and can be back on shop shelves within just 60 days, plus every can will be recycled and can be recycled endlessly with no loss of quality.

The Every Can Counts recycling ambassadors will be onsite at Tough Mudder North West and Tough Mudder London South to answer all of your can-recycling questions. Got some already? You can find Every Can Counts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and of course their website.