Five Reasons Why You Should be Doing Burpees

By TMHQ | 13 November, 2018


Say the word 'burpees' and you can almost always expect a loud and woe-filled groan. Yes, they are exhausting and leave you in a sweaty, panting mess and yes, most people look slightly ridiculous doing them but unfortunately there are plenty of good reasons to be adding burpees to your workout.


5 Reasons Burpees Should be Part of Your Training


1. Burpees Make you Stronger

In your day to day life you're using all of your muscles to climb stairs and lift things and generally navigate the world - so it makes sense to add full-body exercises to your training.

Burpees work all of the major muscle groups in your body instead of focusing on only one area.


2. Burpees are Great for Your Heart and Aerobic Fitness

You know that horrible feeling when your heart is pounding and you're panting loudly? Yeah that's the one you want.

Short bursts of high-intensity exercise like burpees have been shown to improve fitness just as well as longer periods of moderate-intensity exercise.


3. Burpees are Portable and Require No Equipment

Can't face the gym? Don't want to spend loads of money on complicated equipment? Burpees are for you.

They're free, require nothing more than your body and a bit of space and they can be done practically anywhere.


4. Burpees Burn Serious Calories

If weight loss is the aim of your game, burpees should be part of your workout.

The intense and full-body nature of burpees mean you're burning lots of calories and kick-starting your metabolism so you'll burn more calories when you're not exercising as well.


5. Burpees Can Improve Your Endurance 

Ready to take on Tough Mudder Classic in 2019? Endurance is key to face 8-10 miles of rough terrain and 25 awesome obstacles.

Burpees are a cardio challenge and they build strength, meaning your body will be better prepared to face periods of physical stress.


Burpee Variations

Bored of the standard burpee? Official UK trainer Born Barikor has got NINE burpee variations for you to mix into your training.