How to Get Fit Fast: 10 Tips for Staying Motivated for Tough Mudder

By TMHQ | 28 February, 2018


Last year Tough Mudder was featured in a Channel 4 series How to Get Fit Fast. Hosted by Anna Richardson and Amir Latif, the episode focused on how to get back on track with the exercise resolutions you might have already forgotten about.

If your New Year motivation has already faded and you didn't get a chance to tune in to the show, then read on for How to Get Fit Fast's top 10 tips on how to stay motivated.


1. Failure to Plan...

Is planning to fail as the old saying goes. Coming up with an exercise timetable will make you more likely to keep it up, in fact you have a 91% chance of success if you schedule your workouts. Don't have time to plan? Just download one of our training guides, and your're good to go.

2. Big Goals, Big Gains

Setting yourself bigger goals will result in better results according to scientists on the show. 

There isn't a much bigger goal than taking on 10 miles of awesome obstacles...just sayin'.

3. Create Consequence

It can be a dangerous road if you start to punish yourself for missing the gym but giving yourself a consequence can help you to stay committed - something like putting a few quid in a jar each time you skip a workout. 

4. Treat Yo Self

We prefer a treat-based system ourselves. Smashing your goals? Celebrate your mile stones and you'll be more likely to keep turning up. 

What's a great reward for upping your fitness? A day in the mud we say.

5. Two is Better than One

Multiple studies have found that exercising with a friend or partner can help you keep up an exercise routine. Don't fancy simply running side by side? Check out this simple partner workout.

6. Get Jealous

What can be better than working out with a friend? Working out with a friend who's fitter than you.

It might hurt your pride a little but it will push you to work even harder.

7. Made in the Kitchen

There's no escaping a bad diet, no matter how much you work out. How to Get Fit Fast suggests trying to follow the 80/20 rule (80% good diet, 20% working out), which can be a useful mindset to help keep you on track.

8. Teamwork really, honestly does make the Dream Work

We promise we didn't sneak this one in ourselves. Yes that's right those who exercise as part of a team (think team sports and say...Tough Mudder) can burn double the calories.

9. Dress for success

According to a US study simply putting on exercise clothes will make you motivated to work out, so why not treat yourself to some sexy new kit?

10. Warm Up Right

A lot of the time it's injury that stops us from reaching our goals, so make sure you warm up properly to avoid hurting yourself.


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