How to Improve Your Grip Strength for Tough Mudder

By TMHQ | 27 November, 2017


So you came to Tough Mudder to get wet and dirty? Well, after a few miles of ice cold water, waist-deep trenches of mud and natural estuaries and bogs you might find yourself craving a bit of respite. For some, Funky Monkey - The Revolution can be just that, and if you've got upper body strength, a solid core and grip strength you'll be celebrating when you touch down at the other end (and laughing at your mate who's just plummeted into the cold, muddy water beneath).

How to Improve your Grip Strength for Tough Mudder

Over the last couple of weeks the Lucozade Sport #MadetoMove ambassadors have focused their #WorkoutWednesday training on how to build your grip strength. These 10 minute workouts combine cardio, upper body, core and grip strength work using a set of monkey bars that can be found in most local parks. Don't have access to monkey bars? Most of these moves can be done using a step or bench.

Remember you can always increase or decrease the duration of rest vs reps depending on your level of fitness.

Week 1

Workout Structure

Exercises: 4

Work for: 15 seconds

Active rest: (jumping jacks or high knees): 10 seconds

Sets: 3


Double arm hang

Alternating ladder climbs

Plank ladder walk ups

Single arm swings


Week 2

Workout Structure

Exercises: 4

Work for: 15 seconds

Rest for active rest: 10 seconds




Single arm hang

Fingertip push up

Plank with stick twist


Remember Mudders, while it is good to push yourself and see progress, make sure you stop any exercise if you feel uncomfortable or in pain.