How to Take on Tough Mudder like an Olympian

By TMHQ | 18 September, 2018


Looking forward to your challenge at Tough Mudder London South this weekend? We’ve got some top tips from Team GB’s PyeongChang Winter Olympian’s Jamie Nicholls and Rowan Cheshire, who earned their first headband at Tough Mudder Yorkshire and are now fully fledged members of Mudder Nation.  

Jamie Nicholls' Top Tips for Tough Mudder

Keep your friends close: Everybody loves a machoman but working as a team is the winning formula out on the course. Pick your team mates wisely because whilst they’ll be the ones laughing at you – they’ll also be the ones pulling you over the top of Everest. If you’re coming down alone, don’t worry too much, there’s no better place to make new friends than out in the mud.

Train Up:  A little bit of training goes a long way, even if it’s a few runs here and there to work up the stamina. My Samsung Health app has a pace tracker which will even track my target pace which helps me achieve my training goals, once you reach those, you’ve just got to conquer the obstacles and that headband is yours.

It’s not a race: Go out there and enjoy yourself, there’s nothing quite like earning that finisher headband, be it your first or tenth (or 50th - how do you guys do it?!). Embrace the culture and get stuck in, make sure you’re on hand to help others out, because they’ll be there to help you – especially when you’re the one stuck in the mud on Samsung Mud Mile.


Rowan Chesire's Best Tough Mudder Advice

Dress to Perform, or Impress (if you must): Mudder Nation are notoriously good at fancy dress. By all means dust off the old Optimus Prime costume but if you’re looking to make the most of the course, I suggest the trusty thermals, after all Arctic Enema can get pretty cold…

Strength in Numbers: Think you’ve smashed your pre-event training plan? Real strength comes in numbers, and that’s never truer than on the Tough Mudder course because after all Tough Mudder isn’t a race. Help others around you and remember team work makes the dream work.

Finish in Style: As a Mudder, there’s no feeling like putting on your finisher headband for the first time. But don’t get back in the car too soon. Head to the Samsung activation area and capture your newest orange accessory in glorious Super Slow-mo on the new Samsung Galaxy S9, before painting it brown on the epic Samsung Super Slow-mo Mud Slide.