How to Train for Tough Mudder

By TMHQ | 21 November, 2017


With a range of formats that begin with a 5K fun run and end with a 24-hour OCR challenge the question 'how do I train for Tough Mudder?' isn't so easily answered anymore.

Or so you might have thought. Although training for the Challenge series is always going to be different to preparing for something like Europe's Toughest Mudder a few key facts remain true.

How to Train for Tough Mudder

We've scoured our training guides and interrogated our coaches - here are the top five ways to train for ANY Tough Mudder event:

1.High-Intensity Interval Training

It doesn't matter which Tough Mudder course you find yourself on, whether it's 5k or 8-10 miles long the set up is pretty much the same. Obstacle, run, obstacle, run, obstacle which equals a combination of explosive exercise and rest.

This is where HIIT training will become your best friend as it mimics the action you'll get on course, improves your strength and burns calories.

2.Get your head in the game

A lot of what you'll find out on course will push you mentally, as well as physically. How do you prepare for facing your fears? Well you don't, but what you can do is treat yourself with a little kindness. Didn't make it to the gym today? That's okay. Had a disappointing run? At least you're trying.

Tough Mudder events are all about getting out of your comfort zone, trying something new and having fun with other Mudders along the way, so even if you're training for a competitive event don't let that distract you from what's important (give the pledge a little read if you're not sure what that is).

3.Warming up and cooling down

It isn't just strength and stamina that will get you over tricky obstacles, flexibility is key too. Don't forget to warm up and down effectively before and after your workouts to keep your body loose.

Struggling to touch your toes? Add in some yoga or pilates to your training regime and you'll be contorting your body into peculiar shapes in no time.

4.Endurance and stamina

So you want to hit the gym, lift weights so you can swing across Funky Monkey - The Revolution like...well a monkey? That's great. But when you hit mile 8 and start flagging you're going to wish you mixed it up a bit.

Routine is the enemy when it comes to improving your stamina so make sure you're mixing up your workouts, a bit of HIIT, a bit of cardio, some weights. Variety is the spice of life after all.

If you're training for something like Europe's Toughest Mudder you will have already factored endurance training in (we hope) and if you're trying out the brand new Tough Mudder 5K and think this doesn't apply to you...well it probably doesn't. Moving on.

5.Full body training

A Tough Mudder course will force you to use every muscle in your body as you climb over Hero Walls, pull other Mudders up Pyramid Scheme and dangle from Kong.

Need some guidance and support? Check out our live #WorkoutWednesday Facebook live streams, every week at 12:30pm the #MadetoMove ambassadors will be showing you simple workouts that target a range of areas.

Plus we've got a huge back catalogue of workouts for you to use, including 20 weeks-worth of summer training and targeted workouts to boost your cardio and strength


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