The Killer Core Workout That Will Help You Nail Spread Eagle

By EROCK | 18 January, 2019


Ready to meet Tough Mudder’s new 2019 obstacles? Well, say hello to Spread Eagle: 30 feet of non-stop quivering, and quaking slack-line that you’ll find on every Tough Mudder Classic course this year.

You’ll want to get down on all fours—and call on all the core strength and shoulder strength you’ve got—to stay out of the drink on Spread Eagle. (Seriously, start doing ab exercises now.)

Here, Coach gives you a glimpse of what you’ll be facing:

We’ve created a hardcore ab workout, which you can do anywhere that’s full of intense core exercises that will help you develop the strength you need to nail Spread Eagle. 


Killer Core Workout

Do 5 rounds of the first three moves, rest 5 minutes, and then do 5 rounds of the next two moves.

Kettlebell Swings - 10 reps


Down + Back Farmer Carry (20 ft minimum)


Push Ups - 10

Rest 5 Minutes, then do... 

Sandbag Cleans - 7 reps


Mountain Climbers - 30 reps (15 each leg)  

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