London Escapes the Ordinary

By TMHQ | 25 January, 2017


Yesterday we helped the people of London “Escape the Ordinary” of their humdrum, Tuesday workday with a surprise Training Event. The event took over the region of Mudchute just south of Canary Wharf, turning it into the exclusive; "Mudderchute."

Mudderchute featured versions of 2017 new obstacles; Augustus Gloop, Funky Monkey - The Revolution and Kong, along with Mudder favourite Pyramid Scheme. These obstacles were worked into a bespoke training session that readied Mudders to take on both Tough Mudder and Tough Mudder Half when they come to town in April, May and September.  

Mudderchute comes to life in London

We got to work on Monday to turn Mudchute into Mudderchute overnight. How's that for a backdrop?


Londoners “Escape the Ordinary." Literally.

Mudders from all over the map turned up to take part. Legionnaires, first timers and even some brave Londoners still suited and booted for the work week ahead came down to start their 2017 off the right way.


James Dunmore from Made in Chelsea starts his Tough Mudder Training

James Dunmore, star of Made in Chelsea, came along to get his training started the right way and pledged his desire to tackle Tough Mudder in May.  James will be taking the course to support a special cause close to his heart. You can learn more about his journey and support James here.


Time to start Training

It's the perfect time of year to start training, especially for some of the brand new challenges to hit the course for the first time in 2017. Those that took part in the training sessions at Mudderchute got to workout in preparation and test a series of new and returning obstacle favourites.  The training sessions used a combination of workouts and obstacle specific exercises you can find in our new training guides.


Mudderchute also proved a great opportunity for Mudders to get to know our new 2017 partner For Goodness Shakes and chance to show some love for our existing partners; Merrell, Fuel 10K, Bosch, Jeep and our official charity partner Help for Heroes.