Lucozade Sport Level Up Lanes

By TMHQ | 13 March, 2019


At the end of last year, we announced the introduction of Level Up Lanes to all 2019 courses in the UK, giving you the chance to choose your challenge and up the ante.

Since then we’ve been working with our Hydration Partner and fellow Mudders, Lucozade Sport on bringing Level Up Lanes to life, so here goes. Will you crank it up a notch, or take it down a peg? The choice is yours in 2019.




Whether you're a Tough Mudder newbie or a seasoned legionnaire, you'll have the option to take on the Level Up Lane on 10 selected obstacles on course. So which obstacles will be getting the level up treatment thanks to Lucozade Sport


1. Kiss of Mud

Get lower than you ever thought was possible as you're forced into the mud by lowered barbed wire. Keep moving and stay agile though, as haybales won't be the only thing obstructing your way.


2. Overtired

What's this? A new obstacle that we didn't tell you about. That's just how we roll. 


3. Everest

We're bringing three different summits to the top of world-famous obstacle Everest. With increasing height and difficulty, which one will you pick?



4. Pyramid Scheme

Another much-loved classic. We're keeping the water pit from 2018 to make sure it's a real slip and slide. Got a team hungry for challenge? Try getting the whole gang to the top, without the wooden bar halfway up.



5. Hydrophobia

How do you make an obstacle named after a fear, even more of a mental challenge? You play on that fear, obviously. Hydrophobia's Level Up Lane will be a sensory experience you won't forget in a hurry. 


6. Cage Crawl

And you said we wouldn't do it.


7. Spread Eagle

Only the most flexible Mudders will keep dry, as we move those two straps even further apart for a little Level Up magic.


8. Augustus Gloop 2.0

Think you can easily scale a claustraphobic tube as water rains down from above? How about if we shrink and reduce the number of hand holds? 


9. The Gauntlet

This greatest hits obstacle already features four physically demanding sections that will push you to use every muscle in your body. The Level Up Lane? That. Times ten.


10. Black Widow

The highest rated new obstacle at testing on both sides of the pond, this obstacle will have your sides splitting as you traverse shaking straplines over water. Too easy? The Level Up Lane option will force you to only use certain straps. It's like Twister, but in the air...and above water.


11. Leap of Faith

Another brand new obstacle that's already being changed and twisted to really put you to the test. This version? We've shrunk the net, forcing you to jump further and higher to clear the water.


As usual, don't expect this to be a complete list. Throughout the season we'll be working with Lucozade Sport to keep the innovation flowing and the Level Up Lanes...levelling.


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