Mission Mudder Recap: Making of an Olympian

By TMHQ | 31 July, 2017


Did you miss last night's episode of Mission Mudder? It's okay, we forgive you and although we can't imagine what you could have been doing instead we understand that these things happen. So, we've recapped all of the action so you won't miss a moment.

Training for Tough Mudder the gentle way

See what we did there? Judo actually means 'gentle way'? Oh forget it...

The team have returned from the USA, where they took on their first challenge - Tough Mudder Half, and are reminiscing after being reunited with trainer Sam Tucknott and teammate Ashley McKenzie.

Hero Walls (also known as Berlin Walls in America) was particularly challenging for Anthony, Perri, Aimee and Jess so Ashley offers to help improve their grip strength by putting them through their paces at his local judo club, where he's trained since childhood.

As our Olympians practice throwing each other around Ashley talks candidly about his personal struggles and how judo has helped keep him on the straight and narrow, (check out his profile to learn more about his story).

Although everyone is enthusiastic it's daredevil snowboarder Aimee who takes a real shine to the sport, we catch up with her on the slopes as she shares her love of of the sport and the downsides of travelling constantly.

Getting into the ring

Next we head to Liverpool, where boxer Anthony has grown up and trained his whole life. Similarly to Ashley, Anthony reveals that he had a tough time growing up and that boxing from a young age set him on the right path.

Trainer Sam reminds the rest of the team that Anthony is the best-prepared for Tough Mudder, he has a strong core, good balance and some endurance experience, so training with him will be vital.

This time it's runner Perri who steals the spotlight, with Anthony declaring that she could have had a career in boxing. Perri's personal story is probably the saddest to hear, an athlete with immense potential - her career has been blighted by injury. But for the first time in a long time she's fit and ready to compete again.

Learning to be a team

These athletes could be the strongest and fittest on earth but if they're not working as a team, they're not getting Tough Mudder.

The team head off to Surrey where they'll work with leadership expert Lance Gerrard-Write. To begin with they take on the bamboo challenege and spectacularly fail at each attempt. It seems our team is full of strong personalities and they're struggling to work together.

Next, the team attempt to place a cup of water as far away from a line as possible - using only their hands. This time things go a little better, it takes time but eventually the team listen to Ashley who has a winning strategy.

In the meantime we catch up with Jade Jones, double Olympic gold medalist who loves to win. Tough Mudder is all about the challenge though and she's missed out on some key training opportunities that might set her back. She shows us around her home town of Flint - where the local leisure centre is even named after her and explains how she came to be nicknamed 'The Headhunter', she might not have trained with the others but she's definitely got the determination to tackle the course.

Track cyclist Jess Varnish fears she is at the biggest disadvantage - despite having cycled since she was 5, as her sport is all about power rather than endurance. But her boyfriend - BMX cyclist Liam Phillips is certain that she'll take it all in her stride.

The third and final challenge, forming a circle without breaking hands, is completed with relative ease - showing our team our finally learning to work together. Perhaps they really are ready for the the 12 mile Tough Mudder Full course.

Next week: All six athletes take on their penultimate challenge - the Tough Mudder Full. Will they remember to help their fellow Mudder? Find out next Tuesday at 7pm on Sky Sports Mix.