Mudder Nation Inspiration: Josh McEntee

By TMHQ | 17 November, 2017


At an event like Tough Mudder North West 2017, where Mudders were treated to some serious M-U-D, epic stories were in abundance. 

But when we caught up with Josh McAntee on course it was clear his story was something a little special.

Josh's Tough Mudder Journey

Back in 2016 Josh was involved in a car accident in which he nearly lost his life, he survived but it would change him forever, "I lost my cousin in that accident, who I was very close to. I then spent three months learning how to walk again as I severely broke both of my legs and I also had to deal with my sight loss as the accident has left me completely blind." 

But Josh was determined to get his life back on track and he's been working every day to ensure it doesn't define who he is, "I've filled my time with learning braille, touch typing and how to use a computer again. I've also taken up many sporting activities which I enjoy doing such as jujitsu, goal ball and rock climbing. I made a promise to myself in hospital that I wouldn't let the loss of my vision hold me back in life and if anything I will try to excel."

"I did Tough Mudder to raise money for charity and to challenge myself as I wanted to give back to the people that have given me so much, that have helped me through those hard times."

Out in the mud

With the help of his team and other Mudders Josh completed the Tough Mudder Full course which, considering that North West one of the most difficult terrains in the UK, is no small feat.

"The help and the vibe from other participants on course is truly amazing, when you're out there you feel like one big team. I wasn't supposed to run Tough Mudder because of a face operation a week prior and because my legs were still badly broken, with only metal holding them together, but I did it anyway as I felt it was important to show my appreciation by giving back to those who have helped me."

An important donation

"I have donated the money to Salford Royal where I was in hospital for three months, the benevolent fund for the fire service and blind sports as without these people I wouldn't be alive today, or doing as well as I am."


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