Obstacle Beta Testing Has Begun

By TMHQ | 3 October, 2018


When we launched Tough Mudder Revolution we promised a return to form and a double-down on obstacle innovation. Since then we've started to test new aspects of obstacles (Alpha Tests) in Germany, the UK and the US, asking Mudders globally to try new things and give their feedback. 

This was only the beginning. We can now reveal that the first round of obstacle Beta Testing has also taken place on an undisclosed date, at a top secret location.

What does this mean for Mudder Nation? You wanted more new and exciting obstacles, and in 2019 we're going to give them to you.




Testing New Obstacles and Upgrades


At this first round of Beta Testing, we asked a team of testers to try out a whole range of brand new obstacle ideas, exciting new iterations and upgrades of well-loved challenges. In turn these testers gave us their brutally honest opinions, taking us to task over whether our ideas were challenging, fun and exciting enough, as well as whether they encouraged teamwork and camaraderie.

When we said we were doubling down on obstacle innovation, we weren’t joking. In the next few weeks, there will also be a second round of obstacle Beta Testing where even more new obstacles and ideas will be trialled. That’s one hell of a lot of obstacle action.

On the run-up to the 2019 obstacle unveil we'll be releasing footage from both Beta Tests, giving you insight into the new challenges that could be coming to course in 2019.


Tipping Point Brought to Life


We're also incredibly excited to reveal that at this first round of Beta Testing we rolled out a version of Obstacle Design Competition winning design Tipping Point.

After some awesome feedback from our testers this obstacle, designed by Mudder Nation's own Peter Duncan, will be tested again at the next Beta Testing and has a great chance of appearing on course next year.


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