The Obstacle Design Competition 2018 Winner Is...

By TMHQ | 21 September, 2018


The Innovation Team at TMHQ  have studied hundreds of submissions from the awesome to the downright crazy in a bid to find the winner of the Obstacle Design Competition 2018.

After drawing up a shortlist and debating the feasibility, fun and Tough Mudder spirit of each possibility they have decided that Tipping Point by Peter Duncan is the winner.


What is Tipping Point?

Tipping Point is an obstacle that combines fun, fear and challenge. This is what its creator said about it:

"Climb up and crawl through a tube which is mounted on a pivot. When your weight passes the tipping point, the tube will tip downwards onto a slippery slope, sending you head first into a pool of water. The challenge in this obstacle is the fear of not knowing when the tube will tip."



Why was it chosen?

We spoke to Senior Director of the Obstacle Innovation Lab Nolan Kombol to find out why his team chose Tipping Point as their winner.

"There were three main reasons that Tipping Point was chosen as the 2018 winner. It targets both fun and fear elements in a single obstacle experience, it's a great way of using existing crawl tubes and it features a new and unique balance element that we don't currently have on course."

There were some really exciting obstacle designs this year, including things that even the most seasoned obstacle designer had never seen before but the practicality of putting a design on course and running thousands of Mudders through it is always at the forefront of the Innovation Team's choices.


What happens next?

The Innovation Team will begin to work on bringing Tipping Point to life. This will include brand new designs and calculating whether the obstacle will be feasible on course. If it is, you can look forward to seeing Tipping Point at Beta Testing and maybe even on a course near you in 2019. 


Congrats Peter, you designed a winner.