Puppy Mudder 2017: Team 2 Bark 2 Furrious

By TMHQ | 1 April, 2017


Watch out for this close-knit pack. No leash is long enough to keep them from running roughshod over the course. Cap does what he can to keep the rest in line, but that doesn’t mean they’ll listen. Team 2 Bark 2 Furrious takes family - and muddy fun - to the extreme.


Cap: Family man. Named after Captain America. Welcomes the comparison, swears he’s actually more patriotic.

Bailey: Takes toys to task. Energetic a serious understatement. Owns humans named Eli and Courtney. Brings them everywhere.

Murphy: Loves watermelon and socks, preferably separate. Will gladly make an exception. Rings a bell to use the bathroom. Smarter than most humans.

Watson: Always protein loading. Into dirty laundry and lotion, not necessarily in that order. Comfortable with who he is. Save your judgment.

Watch Puppy Mudder in action.

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