Puppy Mudder 2017: Team Floof n’ Fierce

By TMHQ | 1 April, 2017


There’s tough - and then there’s tough. This team lives by the motto, “Every dog has its day, and every day has its dog.” No one’s really sure what the second part means, but Nunzio, Billy, Zoey, and Halo swear by it. And it’s best to listen when they start in to howling. Because this is one wild pack, and you don’t want to get in their way when it’s Muddin’ time.


Halo: Has been described as “spunky.” Is not sure what to make of the description. Backyard buster. Animal cracker crusher.

Zoey: Health nut. Sun chaser. Vitamin C aficionado. Best friends with a monkey (don’t ask).

Billy: The best friend you didn’t know you had. Taught his human lots of tricks. Very principled, but can be bought for a carrot. Strong social game. 

Nunzio:  Bones on bones on bones. Team jokester. Keeps it light, but would murder a stuffed animal for a stringbean. Tells people that - a lot.

Watch Puppy Mudder in action.

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