Samsung are Showing you Classic Obstacles from a New Perspective

By TMHQ | 12 September, 2017


When we announced our partnership with Samsung they showed you the Tough Mudder course from a whole new angle, but now Samsung are giving you extra insight into event day with 360 previews (reviews) of our most famous (and feared) obstacles.

Tough Mudder obstacles go 360

Not sure how you'll tackle Funky Monkey - The Revolution? Can't wait to take an ice-cold dip in Arctic Enema? Give yourself a headstart with these 360 obstacle videos.


If you're yet to face our legionnaire obstacle Kong, you might find its height somewhat daunting. Ditch the jelly-legs here and now as you experience Kong as if you were about to make your first leap of faith - so on the day you'll be ready to swing.



Arctic Enema - The Rebirth

Okay, we admit it - there isn't really anything that can prepare you for our most-feared obstacle (except maybe ice baths) but we believe it's better the devil you know. Take a 360 look at your nemesis before you size up to it on event day.


Funky Monkey - The Revolution

Grip strength, swinging style, leg action - there are plenty of variables at play on Funky Monkey - The Revolution. Those who make it across say the feeling is incomparable, so take a good look and prepare your strategy early, and maybe (just maybe) we'll see you on the other side.


Make sure you check out all the other awesome gear that Samsung has on offer to make your Mudder experience even more amazing.