Team Up: 5 Full-Body Partner Workout Moves to Try

By TMHQ | 5 February, 2018


For some folks, hitting the gym alone is enjoyable, but for others, it’s a chore. Whether you fall into the former or latter, the key to taking your sweat sessions to the next level could lie in finding yourself a motivating workout buddy. Studies show working out with a friend or mate not only increases motivation, but can double results, and make you happier. 

Increased Motivation

Picture this: It’s the end of a long day, you’re tired, and the 3:00pm coffee you drank did nothing. Sound familiar? Having a standing date with a workout buddy will force you to dig deep and show up, even on nights you’d rather skip.

Workout Harder

There’s nothing wrong with a little friendly competition. Seek out a partner that’ll push you to try a more challenging weight, go for an extra rep, and fight through that hurts-so-good muscle burn.

Run Further

Having someone to chat with while you log miles almost guarantees a longer cardio session than if you were hitting the pavement (or treadmill) alone.

Unplug and Create Connections

The majority of gym goers are plugged in throughout their workout. Sweating with a partner forces you to embark on a mini tech detox. Use the time to create a real connection that’ll leave you feeling happier, and healthier, when you’re finished.

The Workout:

Start working these 5 do-em-anywhere circuit moves into the next gym sesh with your workout buddy ot teammate. Complete 3 full rounds, resting 1 minute inbetween each. 

Partner Pushup Squat

While partner A is in a pushup position, partner B holds onto partner A’s ankles. When ready, both partners lower down into either a pushup, or squat, at the same time. Make sure you keep the lines of communication open or the timing will be all wrong. Complete 45 seconds, then switch.

Side-Five Planks

Both partners start face to face in a high plank position. Engage your core and alternate tapping hands.

Assisted Pistol Squats

Face your partner, feet hip-width apart. Hold onto each other’s right hand, lock eyes, then lower down, using each other to balance. Slowly drop into a single leg squat. Once you hit a 90 degree angle, make your way back up. Switch sides. 

Plank Jumps

While partner A is in a forearm plank position, partner B  jumps side to side over partner A. Complete 45 seconds, then switch.

2.0 Leg Raises

Partner A lies on the floor, holding onto partner B’s ankles. Partner A then raises both legs up toward partner B who will push them back toward the ground. Make it harder: hold a squat position while pushing your partners feet away.  Complete 45 seconds, then switch.

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