The Top Five Fitness Trends of 2019

By TMHQ | 22 January, 2019


Taking on Tough Mudder requires a whole range of training from boosting your cardio, to strengthening your upper body and increasing flexibility. It might sound like a big job but really it’s an opportunity to mix up your workout routine with every kind of exercise.

We’re taking a look at the five biggest fitness trends coming this year and how they can be incorporated into your Tough Mudder training.

How 2019’s Biggest Fitness Trends Can Help Your Tough Mudder Training

1. At Home Workouts and Streaming

With work, friends, side hustles, kids and Netflix to squeeze into a day it can be hard to find the time to get out to the gym or a class.

In 2019 the class will come to you with a huge increase in workout class live streaming and more video content showing you how to get the most out exercise in your own home.

If rolling out of bed and straight into a workout without having to a foot out of your front door sounds like the dream then check out our Tough Mudder 5K and Tough Mudder Classic workout videos (you just need a bit of space). Plus, every Wednesday Official UK Trainer Born Barikor will bring you another brand new workout that you can try there and then or save and do when you’re ready.

2. Short Yet Sweet Workouts

So we can spend less time exercising and still get the same results? Surely not. Well if you love a HIIT class (high-intensity interval training) then you’ll know that short bursts of intense exercise can have a whole range of great benefits.

In 2019 HIIT will remain popular but those sessions are going to get even shorter - think 15 minutes.

If you’re tempted by these bitesize workouts then try some of our Tough Mudder HIIT workouts, including one that only takes 10 minutes.


3. Fusion HIIT Workouts

On the subject of HIIT workouts, prepare yourself for some serious variation in 2019 as HIIT fusion sessions explode.

What the hell is a HIIT fusion workout? Think of HIIT mixed with any other type of exercise you can think of...HIIT yoga..HIIT barre...HIIT pilates...

It’s another great way of mixing a range of exercises together so you get all of the benefits.


4. Catching More ZZZZZZZZZ

First we tell you that workouts are getting shorted and now we’re telling you to sleep more - aren’t we kind? No, but seriously everyone knows how important getting enough shut eye is and yet still most of us are overtired.

Not sleeping right can have a real impact on your training goals, hampering your progress and making weight loss difficult (if that’s your bag). As wearable technology gets more accurate it’s going to be easier to track your sleep, understand how it's affecting you and how you can improve your sleep quality.


5. Brain Training

If you’re sick of the world mindfulness than we have bad news for’s not going anywhere. And that’s no bad thing, if you’re going to train your body then you should train your mind - it’s just as important.

It won’t just be meditation and mindfulness though, expect more research on how the brain responds to exercise and how we can learn to exercise better with our minds - not just our bodies.

Anyone who has done a Tough Mudder will be able to tell you that it’s a mental challenge, as well as physical so we’re definitely welcoming this trend.



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