Top Tips for Tough Mudder Hydration

By TMHQ | 16 February, 2017


Whether it’s falling into it, splashing through it or making sure you’ve drunk enough of it, water and hydration play a very important part in your Tough Mudder experience. Our friends at Lucozade Sport are here to explain the importance of hydration and how it will help you get the most out of your Tough Mudder adventure.

We’re made up of approximately 60% water and should aim to consume 2 litres of it every day. This ensures we’re at our best in everything we do, be it at our desk, at the gym, or tackling your next Tough Mudder.




Your body works best when it is fully hydrated. A loss of 2% of body weight as a result of dehydration (which in an average female is as little as 1.2 kg) can cause your heart to work harder and your muscle to fatigue. In other words, you don’t feel at your best and exercise becomes increasingly strenuous. With that in mind, make a note of the tips below.




1. Aim to consume 5-10ml of fluid per kg of body weight, 2-4 hours before training or the event. This will allow enough time for fluids to be absorbed.
2. For a 70kg Mudder that equates to 350 – 700ml of fluids, or 1-2 glasses.



1. It’s important to listen to your body and drink to thirst.
2. Try to avoid taking on large amounts of fluid throughout the event.
3. Drinking little and often is a much smarter way to keep hydrated during training sessions and the event. Stop at all the water stations on course and take a little each timE.



1. Aim to consume 150% of the sweat loss after the event to ensure effective rehydration.
2. If a 70kg Mudder lost 1kg of body mass during exercise, she/he would need to consume 1.5L fluid after exercise to fully rehydrate. This is equivalent to around 6 glasses of fluid.


Lucozade Sport will help Mudders keep hydrated before, during and after training sessions as well as at your Tough Mudder event. Lucozade Sport contains the right mix of fluid, electrolytes and carbohydrate to enhance hydration and maintain endurance whilst out on the course.