Top 10 Destination Volunteer Locations

By TMHQ | 30 May, 2019


Tough Mudder venues feature some of the most jaw-dropping and Insta-worthy landscapes out there. If you’re looking for a getaway but still want to get your mudder fix, we have some destination volunteering options for you. Packed full of breathtaking scenery, these venues are enough to send your wanderlust into overdrive. (Plus, volunteering as a Tough Mudder MVP brings some pretty cool benefits—especially if you're volunteering overnight.) 

1. Whistler (Canada)

Ahh, Whistler. You’ve probably heard this name once or twice and maybe you’ve experienced it in all its glory... or maybe it’s still on your bucket list. All we can say is that it's a crown jewel when it comes to spectacular scenery, and has captivating terrain as far as the eye can see. Breathtaking views and adventurous moments? Sign us up.

2. Midlands (UK)

It’s safe to say that few venues compare to that of a real British castle. The Vale of Belvior has the architecture and pure luxury everyone adores. As if the venue wasn’t enough, we love that it oozes 'Da Vinci Code' vibes—probably because the movie was filmed at this very location. Our Midlands venue quite literally translates to beautiful view—so you definitely can’t tell us we’re lying about this one.

3. Las Vegas (North America)

Lake Las Vegas has stunning views and rare hikes that are a perfect match for volunteers who want a unique experience. You can see the entire Tough Mudder Classic course from one location. If watching the sunrise or sunset is your go-to thing, this is the place for you.

4. NorCal (North America)

Sitting on a race track and boasting rolling vineyards aplenty, the Sonoma Raceway is dotted with more scenic spots than you can count. The buzz from the cars speeding by gives you a complete rush through your entire body.

5. Scotland (UK)

We can’t imagine it would take too much to get someone to book a trip to Scotland—the rolling hills are reason enough. But when you add in the Drumlanrig Castle in the center of the venue with the finest culture and the beautiful countryside, it sure is a treasure. You won't be disappointed volunteering at one of the UK's grandest castles!

6. Colorado (North America)

This part of the U.S. is home to bold, unforgiving scenery, full of wildlife and heart-pounding activities. From the beauty of the Rocky Mountains to the waters of the Colorado river, this is a place designed for adrenaline junkies.

7. Southwest (UK)

Set foot on the Badminton Estate and you'll be fully convinced England is the prettiest spot of all. It takes picturesque to a whole new level. The stone buildings to the extensive landscape makes a perfect backdrop for our Tough Mudder course.

8. Nord-Deutschland (Germany)

Reiter - und Ferienhof Severloh is a large Nature Park with sandy paths, hunting trails, and ponds amidst a forest, featuring incredible views—which is why you should add this heathland to your volunteer travel wishlist.

9. Nashville (North America)

Nashville, Nashville, Nashville. No matter what your interests are, Nashville pretty much has it all—it welcomes all singers, celebrates big and small achievements, and entertains all generations. This venue is a quick drive to downtown, where you can sing your heart out at Honky Tonk Central.

10. Toronto (Canada)

Summer in Toronto is pure magic. Kayaks, sunshine, and endless amounts of putine—it doesn’t get much better. When we think of Christie Lake Conservation, the scene just isn’t complete without the breathtaking view of the lake running through the 10-mile course.


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