Tough Mudder Classic: Obstacle Tips & Tricks

By TMHQ | 13 March, 2019


Tough Mudder Classic is a return to our badass roots: one 8-10 mile loop of mud-soaked mayhem loaded with 25 best-in-class obstacles—including 10 new or updated 2019 obstacles on Every. Single. Course.

Think you’re up for the challenge? Well, get training (download our FREE training guide, for starters) and watch as Tough Mudder Bootcamp Creative Director Eric “ERock” Botsford breaks down the tips and tricks that will help you and your teammates conquer some of the most epic and infamous obstacles on the Tough Mudder Classic course.

(NOTE: If you’re skipping the Classic and trying the shorter—but still badass—Tough Mudder 5K this year, check out our Tough Mudder 5K: Tips & Tricks to get prepped.)


Mud Mile 2.0

By far Tough Mudder's well, muddiest obstacle, this one requires you and your teammates to navigate six 6-foot trenches. It’s all about teamwork, people.

  • Throw up a knee

  • Give a boost

  • Turn around and help a friend



Mudderhorn is a three-story cargo net A-fram—the biggest obstacle on the Tough Mudder course, and new for 2019.

  • Get a boost to get up to the cargo net

  • Climb hand-over-hand

  • Don’t look down!


Funky Monkey - The Revolution

Grip strength, grip strength, and grip strength are the keys to conquering this classic Tough Mudder obstacle.

  • Train grip strength

  • Slow down

  • Choose your route wisely


Black Widow

Another new obstacle, Black Widow is a 30-foot cobweb of slacklines suspended over a pool of water.

  • Side shuffle or foot-over-foot

  • Use your hands and knees

  • Choose your route wisely


Block Ness Monster

A course favorite, this beast is a series of spinning blocks that you and your teammates have to get up and over.

  • Communicate — only 1-2 athletes should try to get over at a time

  • Be strategic: Stay on top of the block and pull from the other side

  • Keep the blocks spinning


The Gauntlet

This one’s all about you: 4 unique challenges—balance beam, wall traverse, and two tests of grip-strength—on the biggest obstacle Tough Mudder has ever created.

  • Keep your core tight and move your feet straight

  • Push your hands and feet straight into the walls

  • Channel your inner child on the ring swing


Kiss of Mud

Prepare to get yer face (and everything else) dirty: This is 40 feet of mud you’ll need to crawl through—with razor-sharp barbed wire just 18 inches above you.

  • Stay low. Really low.

  • Crawl with your arms, not your legs

  • Use the muddy lane to slide through


Berlin Walls

This 9-foot wall is the quintessential Tough Mudder teamwork obstacle.

  • Take a knee: Your teammates can step up

  • Give your teammates a boost

  • Rotate your hips over the top of the wall


Leap of Faith

It doesn’t get any more Tough Mudder than this obstacle: a 6-foot water gap jump, cargo net climb, and a pole traverse.

  • Spot your takeoff

  • Build up speed: Get a good running start

  • Aim high with your hands and grip the cargo net tight


Arctic Enema - The Rebirth

Experienced Mudders know this obstacle is a Tough Mudder rite of passage.

  • Prepare your mind for the cold

  • Keep moving

  • Shake it off to get your blood flowing


Augustus Gloop 2.0

A true test of your courage and mental grit—especially if you’re claustrophobic.

  • Hold your breath and duck underneath

  • Don’t look up

  • Keep a firm grip


Everest 2.0

A 12-foot quarter-pipe that’s all about sprinting and commitment.

  • Sprint all the way up

  • Grab an outstretched arm

  • Swing your leg up


Devil’s Beard

It’s all about slowing down to speed up when it comes to conquering this 60-foot cargo net that’s staked to the ground. You can do it by yourself—but it’ll be easier if you don’t.

  • Grab your group

  • First person stands up halfway

  • Arch your back to elevate the net off the ground


Spread Eagle

A 30-foot slackline spaced about 18 inches apart.

  • Slow your roll—or you’ll end up in the water.

  • Use all fours, inchworm, or even roll across


Tight Squeeze

This brand new obstacle requires you to get down on your hands and knees and go under multiple tubes, and then climb and crawl your way out the other side. If you weren’t totally muddy before, you will be now.

  • Crawl under

  • Arch your back

  • Use teamwork to create a path


Electroshock Therapy

Nothing says Tough Mudder more than 800 square feet of dangling live wires.

  • Mental grit

  • Ninja moves 

  • Get back up and finish

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