Tune In Guide: How to Watch Mission Mudder

By TMHQ | 29 June, 2017


Summer is finally here and that means only one thing. Tough Mudder's latest TV show Mission Mudder is about to premiere on your screens.

Watch as six British Olympic Athletes take on three Tough Mudder courses, culminating in an attempt to run as many miles as possible for charity at the first ever Europe’s Toughest Mudder.

Think Tough Mudder would be a walk in the park for an Olympian? Think again. Although these young sportsmen and women dominate in their individual fields their incredibly specialised training hasn’t prepared them for the mental strength, physical determination and teamwork required to complete a Tough Mudder challenge.

Where can you watch Mission Mudder?

Join us for six epic episodes of Mission Mudder and watch as Track and Field Athlete, Perri Shakes-Drayton; Boxer, Anthony Fowler; Sprint Cyclist, Jess Varnish; Judoka, Ashley McKenzie; Snowboarder, Aimee Fuller and Taekwondo Athlete, Jade Jones introduce each other to their individual disciplines and come together as a team to take on a brand new sport.

Each episode will be aired on Sky Sports Mix, which is available to all Sky TV customers on channel 121 and Virgin Media customers on channel 517.

Don’t have Sky Sports? Head to your mates, your mums or even the pub and get it on the screen.

Tuesday, 18 July at 7:00pm on Sky Sports Mix: “Mission Mudder: It Takes a Team"

Six Olympic athletes meet for the first time and begin training for Tough Mudder. Individually they are incredibly strong, talented sports people but are they ready for a new kind of physical challenge that will force them to become a team?

Tuesday, 25 July, 7:00pm on Sky Sports Mix: “Mission Mudder: 5 Miles in the Desert”

The Mission Mudder team head to the San Bernardino Mountains in California, US for their first Tough Mudder challenge. Five miles of mud, obstacles and the Mudder community tests the athletes in an all new way and introduces them to the Mudder way of life.

Tuesday, 1 August, 7:00pm on Sky Sports Mix: “Mission Mudder: Making of an Olympian”

In this episode we get to know our athletes a little better as they each tell their own story of sporting glory. They're about to learn a lot more about their teammates too, as they try out each other's sport as part of their training.

Tuesday, 8 August, 7:00pm on Sky Sports Mix: “Mission Mudder: 10 Miles of Mud”

The Olympic athletes attempt to get the all-important orange headband. Twice the distance, more epic obstacles and the infamous Electroshock Therapy and Arctic Enema stand between them and glory.

Tuesday, 15 August, 7:00pm on Sky Sports Mix: “Mission Mudder: Get Ready”

Preparation for Europe’s Toughest Mudder begins and the athletes begin to realise what they’ve let themselves in for. Now more than ever teamwork is the key to success, can they come together for their biggest Tough Mudder challenge to date?

Tuesday, 22 August, 7:00pm on Sky Sports Mix: “Mission Mudder: 8 Hours Through the Night”

An event that only the most dedicated OCR athletes dare to take on. The Olympians face a 5-mile course packed full of obstacles for eight hours through the night. With money for their chosen charities at stake, how many laps can they complete?


Missed the action? Watch them again and again and again:

Episode 1: - Sky Sports Mix - 18/7 at 7PM, 19/7 at 8PM, 22/7 at 12:30 and 8PM. 

Episode 2: - Sky Sports Mix - 25/7 at 7PM, 26/7 at 8PM, 28/7 at 9PM and 29/7 at 9PM. 

Episode 3: - Sky Sports Mix - 01/8 at 7PM, 04/8 at 8PM, 05/8 at 11AM and 06/8 at 9PM. 

Episode 4: - Sky Sports Mix - 08/8 at 7PM, 11/8 at 8PM, 12/8 at 6PM and 10PM, 13/8 at 9AM and 8PM. 

Episode 5: - Sky Sports Mix - 15/8 at 7PM and 10PM, 17/8 at 10:30PM, 19/8 at 8:30PM and 20/8 at 10AM. 

Episode 6: - Sky Sports Mix - 22/8 at 7PM and 10PM, 23/8 at 6:30PM, 26/8 at 8:30AM and 4PM, 27/8 at 10AM and 10PM.