The Wackiest Obstacle Designs in 2018 So Far

By TMHQ | 14 August, 2018


We may have only launched the Obstacle Design Competition 2018 last week but Mudder Nation has certainly stepped up to the plate.

If you're still pondering over whether to drop your fellow Mudders from a great height, or squeeze them into a claustaphobic space then check out some of the weird and wonderful submissions that we've already received.

Some of the Craziest Obstacle Designs So Far


Here are just a few of our favourite obstacles that have already been submitted by Mudders far and wide.

Infinity Walls

Imagine if Hero Walls and the Block Ness Monster had a baby...


Beat the Bush

Tough Mudder tends to specialise in mud and water, but this Mudder is throwing vegitation into the mix.

Blades of Glory

A pool of water, rotating bars, Mudders flying throug the air, what's not to love?



A giant functioning plughole with swirling water, this is a new one.


Floating Wall of Doom 

Not only does this obstacle have an awesome name but it's also a huge floating pyramid with a slide, which is pretty impressive.




Don't worry, if you're still drawing a blank you've got until the end of the month to submit your design.