What is Alpha Testing?

By TMHQ | 15 August, 2018


As we look foward, TMHQ is going back to it's roots and putting obstacle innovation at the heart of everything.

Wondering what the hell Alpha Testing is? We're here to answer all of your questions.




What is an Alpha Test?

Obstacle innovation season is now in full swing at TMHQ. With designs on the office wall and Mudders sending in their weird and wonderful creations it's time to start making dreams a reality.

The best way to test obstacles, or parts of obstacles is by getting them made IRL and out on course so Mudders can try them out and let us know what they think.

These obstacles, or aspects of obstacles will then be changed, updated or ditched completely based on how they perform.



How can Mudders be part of the testing process?

Mudder Nation know what they want when it comes to obstacle design, so get out on course over the next few months and let us know what you think. You can give us your feedback via social media, the post event survey, your friendly Tough Mudder ambassadors or even via a member of TMHQ at an event.



Want to get invovled with testing? There's still time to sign up for the last event of the 2018 season. Tickets for Tough Mudder Half and Tough Mudder Full London South weekend 2 are limited but still available.