What to Wear to Tough Mudder

By TMHQ | 26 February, 2019


If you've been wondering what to wear when you take on epic teamwork obstacles and oodles of mud then look no further. After years of watching Mudders run the course in every kind of getup you can imagine we've got the Tough Mudder uniform down.




Forget fancy sportswear and expensive trainers, these are the absolute basics you need to get you round the course with your dignity intact. 



Whether you're taking on a dry Tough Mudder 5K Urban or wading through the mud at Tough Mudder Classic and Tough Mudder 5K, your shoes are going to take the brunt of it.

Make sure the shoes you pick have plenty of tread, support your ankles and are suitable to take impact from multiple sides. Wearing the right shoe can prevent serious injury so make sure to avoid shoes with flat bases or fashion trainers.

Don't bring a brand new pair of kicks or even your favourite old faithful to our muddy events. The likelihood is that they will be unrecognisable by the end of the day (if they even make it that far).

Top tip: Leave the football boots at home as well, you'll make a lot of Mudders unhappy if you try to climb up them with studs on. 




When it comes to the rest of your outfit there really are only two options. One, wear something sensible and comfortable or two, wear a ridiculous fancy dress costume. We know what we prefer...

But if you think you might leave the tutus and inflatables at home then fitness leggings or shorts (something flexible that won't absorb water) and a t-shirt is a great go to look.

Unfortunately, we do live in the UK so we always suggest checking the weather before you leave. It may be tempting to add extra layers in cold conditions but adding the wrong kind of layers can be detrimental in water obstacles. Consider bringing an old jumper or jacket to wear before you start and leaving it at start as you’ll heat up quickly as you run.




Now you've got the basics down it's time to consider the added extras that will make your Tough Mudder experience just a little smoother.

1. Suncream is a must have no matter how unlikely you think a sunny day in the UK is. All day sunscreens or waterproof sunscreens are your best options

2. Gloves are a personal choice, some mudders swear by them, others say they're a hindrance.

3. A spare set of dry clothes and a towel will seem like heaven when you step out of the rinse station. Having multiple layers will benefit you after completing the course with warm layers needed in cold conditions and a waterproof/windproof outer layer for the days when the weather is not that great.

4. Using the rinse station will be essential to clean the mud away, followed by a good dry and getting into your fresh clean layers.